Traducción de demarcation dispute en español:

demarcation dispute

conflicto de atribuciones, n.


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    conflicto de atribuciones masculino
    • The demarcation dispute involving 55 workers was ended when the company and the union signed a 12-month agreement.
    • There is a demarcation dispute in process, your Honour, which may need to be resolved.
    • More industrial unions were created at the expense of traditional craft unions, but demarcation disputes and unofficial strikes were frequent.
    • Resistance to mechanization and technical change, new work methods and payments systems, and demarcation disputes were the main reasons for this form of industrial action.
    • This has a particular resonance for medicine, the profession that historically has policed these demarcation disputes most effectively to its own advantage.
    • Departments do not co-operate and demarcation disputes are common.