Translation of demigod in Spanish:


semidiós, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛmiˌɡɑd/ /ˈdɛmɪɡɒd/

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    semidiós masculine
    • The first and most important is the belief in the absolute oneness of God, the unitary nature of the divinity that allows for no pantheon of saints, demigods or divine consorts and children.
    • These are conceived in terms of various spirits, ancestors, demigods, demons, and so on.
    • This demigod assisted Lord Shiva in controlling the ghosts and goblins and hence it was considered important that he be satisfied by an offering of beautiful artifacts for his temple.
    • They believed themselves descended from demigods whose divinity had degraded through centuries of interbreeding with lesser races.
    • Then she prayed to all the demigods, and they all appeared there.
    • Yet there is much moral decision making in the course of the film, and how are actors to portray the moral decisions of demigods?
    • Few of his soldiers, shared Alexander's suicidal tendencies or his conviction that a glorious Homeric death in battle would necessarily assure one's status as a demigod post-mortem.
    • This planet was essentially divided into separate realms, each ruled by a demigod or goddess, and the world existed in relative peace.
    • Since the Big Island is the original Hawaiian homeland, it's where many of the gods, goddesses, and demigods live and are revered even today.
    • The glow of colours in the paintings depicting the pharaohs, demigods and goddesses in vivid yellow ochre, blue and orange was breathtaking.
    • He vanquished all demigods, and expelled them from heaven.