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desmovilizar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈmoʊbəˌlaɪz/ /diːˈməʊbɪlʌɪz/

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verbo transitivo

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    • Then, once agreement had been reached between the two countries, they would both demobilise their armies.
    • The army was demobilised and without having lost a battle, the nation had lost the war.
    • Politically, everyone wants to demobilize reserve soldiers as quickly as possible following a national emergency requiring their presence.
    • Breaking up large elements of the army also raises the possibility that demobilized soldiers could affiliate with ethnic or tribal militias.
    • When war ended, hordes of soldiers were demobilized and war industries slumped.
    • We are using established programs in a more coordinated, focused way to secure civil-service health-care professionals to replace demobilizing reservists.
    • Distinguished but disillusioned, Lawrence was demobilized as a lieutenant colonel in 1919.
    • By the end of October, most of the mobilized reservists had been demobilized, but 9,428 still remained on active duty.
    • The plan originally called for 11,500 soldiers to be demobilized last year, 10,000 this year and another 10,000 in 2002.
    • By 1948 over 8 million soldiers had been demobilized, yet labour still remained short.
    • We laid down our arms, we demobilised our soldiers and sent them home.
    • Third, there is also a potential continuing supply of mercenaries as regular soldiers are demobilized.
    • The army of some 5.5 million soldiers was demobilized, and military installations destroyed.
    • We're bringing people in to be disarmed, demobilized and rehabilitated to a program that will give them new values and give them new skills.
    • He said the process of disarming, demobilizing and reintegrating ex-combatants is gaining ground, with the total number of militia fighters now halved to about 40,000 or 50,000.
    • At war's end, most nonregular units were returned to their home state and demobilized.
    • He served with distinction, twice being decorated for bravery, before being seriously wounded in the head in 1915 and demobilized in 1916.
    • Full-time students withdraw from college when mobilized for 12 months but are notified to demobilize early.
    • The war being over, troops in the Mediterranean were expected to be sent home and demobilised.
    • The military itself was almost totally demobilised during this period.