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democracia, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈmɑkrəsi/ /dɪˈmɒkrəsi/

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nombreplural democracies

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    democracia femenino
    • The British system of representative democracy has always abhorred referendums on moral issues.
    • People asserted themselves to save democracy and the parliamentary system was restored.
    • This is their chance to breathe new life into our system of Parliamentary democracy.
    • The politics of parliamentary democracy are not as monolithic as you represent them.
    • Dictatorship was repudiated, and democracy accepted as a system of values.
    • Simple representative democracy in such a plural polity will no longer work.
    • Our system of democracy rests on the electorate being able to hold politicians accountable.
    • He forgets that democracy is a system in which the people choose their leaders.
    • I want to tell the people in the gallery that they are observers of our parliamentary democracy.
    • The whole direction of modern democracy is toward inclusion and equality of rights.
    • This is a serious development which could threaten free elections and representative democracy itself.
    • In key respects this new politics represents a contest for democracy itself.
    • Representative democracy must mean that those who govern will fairly represent the governed.
    • The history of the world is a history of systems: monarchy, oligarchy, democracy, what you will.
    • We condemn this decision, and appeal to all those who are on the side of democracy and freedom of the press to take a stand against it.
    • Yet in practice, liberal democracy should also allow for checks on government and limits to majority rule.
    • One of the major principles of democracy is that government is conducted by the people.
    • The example of Greek democracy seemed so much better in theory than in practice.
    • It will be interesting to see how the judge treats the dilemma between central control and local democracy.
    • Rousseau laid the basis for modern ideas of democracy and the legitimacy of majority rule.
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    (democratic state)
    democracia femenino
    we live in a democracy vivimos en una democracia
    • So will our government work with other democracies to dismantle the tax havens?
    • The House of Commons sits for more days and more hours than any other legislature in the large democracies.
    • There can be and have been intolerant democracies and reasonably tolerant autocracies.
    • Some changes in sovereignty have led to new forms of cooperation among the developed democracies in the North.
    • In few democracies is government regarded with such suspicion and scepticism.
    • Thanks to that, it is now virtually a pacifist country, and one of the most stable democracies in the world.
    • I would be the last person to say that our current democracies are actually democratic.
    • Unlike a legislative body in most democracies, the Council exercises significant executive powers.
    • The colonies were not democracies and the governors were not responsible to an electorate.
    • Freedom, then, is potentially but not automatically available to individuals in democracies.
    • Countries with stable democracies today had to go through long and bitter civil wars.
    • What rights do women and religious minorities actually exercise in these democracies?
    • Both are successful democracies with proud records on human rights.
    • As has been said by quite a number of speakers today, our Parliament is one of the oldest true democracies.
    • International law is not as well-defined as national law in advanced democracies.
    • Among the caucuses that the members of this community of democracies agreed to form, was one at the United Nations.
    • Most of the democracies in Europe at the time had diverse nationalised industries.
    • In most democracies, changing the constitution is the work of years.
    • In democracies, it is the press which puts manners on governments, not the other way around.
    • Debate and criticism are the life blood of the democracies - both in Europe and America.