Traducción de demolition derby en Español:

demolition derby


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    carrera de coches en la que se pretende dejar fuera de combate a los demás participantes
    • The race was twice delayed by safety cars after initial laps that resembled more a demolition derby than a Grand Prix.
    • The third and final race turned out to be more like a demolition derby.
    • The demolition derby put a fitting end to the night's classic carnage as the old cars from both classes fought each other to a standstill.
    • In a race that witnessed three safety car periods in was the last lap which resembled a demolition derby after the re-start.
    • Despite the night's destruction 20 cars made it onto the track for the demolition derby.
    • Among the most anticipated events was the chariot race, a horse-drawn demolition derby.
    • Streamlined wheelchairs crash into each other with the ferocity of a demolition derby, and coaches bark orders from the sideline, with their usual bluntness.
    • Everybody watched with vicarious intensity as the demolition derby continued, with both fighters getting caught and staggering.
    • The fair's climactic event, the demolition derby, is drawing big crowds to the fairgrounds.
    • Greg and I have a date to go to the demolition derby this weekend, unless he has desk hours for his legal research class.
    • After a night of full metal contact only 8 cars limped out for the demolition derby finale.
    • You really need a front row start to be in with a chance of a clean race otherwise it can turn into a bit of a demolition derby and you could find yourself having to muscle your way past.
    • Then came the in-betweens, made up of drivers over 25, whose hotly-contested race at times looked more like a demolition derby.
    • All in all, it was not so much of a race, but more of a demolition derby, the sort of thing you see on dirt tracks in the USA or Australia.
    • The sounds of the cars crashing during the demolition derby, along with the screams of excited, or maybe just drunk fans, added to the event's atmosphere.
    • Yet this wonderful and loving documentary somehow turns a demolition derby into a profound statement on the importance of life and what makes this place special.
    • Swimming with feeding Blue sharks is like directing traffic at a demolition derby, except they come at us from all angles.
    • Five ‘semi-finalists’ were chosen to move into the second round of the demolition derby.
    • Do the narrow streets of Nice seem like a very stupid place to stage a demolition derby?
    • Lost Creek Raceway also plans to host concerts, car shows, flea markets, and demolition derbies, thereby establishing itself as a true multi-use facility.