Translation of demoralize in Spanish:


desmoralizar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈmɔrəˌlaɪz/ /dɪˈmɒrəlʌɪz/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • The way you defeat an army, is by demoralizing the individual soldiers in it, or getting them to desert or retreat.
    • I object, not to the paperwork that demoralises teachers, but to the undermining of them as caring and knowledgeable professionals that it represents.
    • Now, the national side, which once ruled the football world with a haughty confidence, is completely demoralized and there's less than a year to prepare for the great campaign on home ground.
    • But, privately, he confided to friends that he was demoralized, even tempted to quit.
    • Instead of demoralizing a people, you have brought them closer together.
    • ‘People are very demoralized and unhappy,’ a former administration official said.
    • A decimated and demoralized staff is not an efficient one.
    • They are helping our enemies to demoralize us into giving up.
    • Each attack is designed to demoralize our people and divide us from one another.
    • Groups used violence for political or ideological ends, as a means of demoralising their opponents, winning concessions or taking over territory.
    • The aide admitted that the news of the killing was withheld to avoid demoralising the fighters.
    • And it just demoralised me totally when he would speak to me that way because I decided that I was doing everything in my power that I could to do what he wanted.
    • But at just 39 years old the family doctor is so demoralised with his inability to care for his patients properly that he is leaving the profession altogether.
    • Another warden said: ‘The re-training will be pointless because the staff are all demoralised.’
    • ‘I thought I would find a company that had demoralised employees, low morale,’ he said.
    • The principal of a south Armagh primary school broken into over the weekend says he is demoralised by the destruction left by the thieves.
    • The parents and the teachers tend to compare their wards with their counterparts and as a result the child is demoralised in front of others.
    • Staff are demoralised, not least because local councils have eroded library opening hours and consequently cut shift allowances.
    • This criticism was said to have demoralised staff and caused a split between them and councillors.
    • Grimy wards, with paint peeling, dust gathering on windowsills and numerous unidentified stains, frighten patients and demoralise staff.