Translation of demurrage in Spanish:


sobrestadía, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈmərɪdʒ/ /dɪˈmʌrɪdʒ/


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    sobrestadía feminine
    • How long is a ship obliged to remain on demurrage, and what are the rights of the owner if the charterer detains her too long?
    • Importers must also pay shipping companies demurrage, which is a charge imposed to cover the time between the arrival of its vessel and the return of its container delivered at the port.
    • Were a port to be built adequate for large vessels, would it be able to handle the steamer traffic, which could allow only a few hours to load and unload without incurring demurrage costs?
    • The shipowner could earn more at less risk by making sure there were demurrage clauses in the charter party.
    • These agreements stipulated that the ships would be inspected by government officials, that they would sail in convoy and that demurrage would be paid in the event of delay.