Translation of denim in Spanish:


tela vaquera, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛnəm/ /ˈdɛnɪm/


  • 1

    tela vaquera feminine
    tela de jeans feminine
    mezclilla feminine Chile, Mexico
    (jacket/skirt) vaquero
    (jacket/skirt) tejano Spain
    (jacket/skirt) de mezclilla Chile, Mexico
    • He was wearing a pair of dark navy blue denim jeans, and a grey dress shirt that exactly matched the stormy shade of his eyes.
    • She was wearing blue jeans, denim jacket, dark brown wig and was carrying a sports bag.
    • He was wearing a blue jacket with white piping, blue denim jeans and either blue or black and white trainers.
    • He was wearing blue denim jeans, trainers, a top possibly with white stripes and either a hat or a hood.
    • This would totally be great to carry to dinner and would be perfect with blue denim.
    • Suddenly, a quick small vision comes to me of a cool, gently black guy in blue denim.
    • Key fabrics in this collection include felt and denim which she treats with dexterity and imagination.
    • He was wearing blue denim jeans, a white shirt with blue stripes in a criss-cross pattern.
    • He spoke with a local accent and was wearing blue denim jeans and a blue denim jacket.
    • Small and bespectacled, he is wearing a knitted cap, denim jacket and jeans.
    • Not to mention the way it hangs off her shoulder and how it goes perfectly with her pair of denim jeans!
    • Liz was wearing the new jeans, boots and denim blouse she had got at Christmas.
    • Designer jeans were made up of many, many panels of denim layered with seams and buckles.
    • Uniforms at a Furness school were ditched for denim on Friday as pupils did their bit for Jeans for Genes day.
    • Most people treat denim or khaki as black and team other colours with it, some more bravely than others.
    • So today I decided to forsake all denim and wear instead pinstripe trousers with a white belt.
    • Such was the stature of denim that even so obviously inferior a pair of jeans were acceptable.
    • Actually, it's really never too hot to knit, although the heat does put me off of knitting with wool and denim.
    • Mohair, denim and corsages are her signature looks and she also makes beautiful scarves too.
    • Her favourite one was the faded denim with the frayed cuffs and cropped bottom.
  • 2 informal denims plural

    • 2.1(jeans)

      vaqueros masculine
      jeans masculine
      tejanos masculine
      bluyines masculine Andes
      pantalones de mezclilla masculine Mexico
      • Everybody noticed at school that her style had changed from baggy old jeans to denims and her shirts weren't as tight and small as they had once been.
      • He was in his early twenties, dressed in denims and a lumberjack shirt.
      • The blonde boy looked just as stunning as he believed when he entered the community lounge clad in a halfway unbuttoned, black satin shirt with silver buttons, skin-tight black denims and dark suede boots.
      • You just had a full-blown weekend of going to martini lounges and nightclubs, but now it's officially time to trade in your fitted T-shirts and stylish denims for a shirt and tie.
      • The first impression you have of him is of a wise and playful octogenarian, warmly dressed in denims and thick woollen sweater.
      • Magic I thought as I realized I was wearing denims and a tee shirt.
      • You can wear it on the belt hook of your denims, on your bag, on your coat button and anywhere else you can think of.
      • He's slim, sure, and, seated in an expansive couch, manages to rock the tucked-in shirt with dark denims and boots look.
      • Just like regular jeans, the wool denims are both rugged for bush wear and stylish and comfortable for casual wear.
      • People across Swindon are being urged to don their denims for National Jeans For Genes Day.
      • As we edge round a series of perilous hairpin bends and teetering boulders, my guide Jani, dressed in ripped denims, a worn leather jacket and battered Stetson, roars with laughter as I explain my search.
      • This camp-style belt with pewter latch buckle will make a great addition to your casual wear; don it with your favorite pair of denims.
      • She had arrived in typically decadent Western clothing, tight black denims and an equally tight black tee shirt with a central emblem of parted red lips.
      • I counted that I had 23 new tops, 5 pairs of shorts, 8 skirts, and 14 pairs of denims, 6 jackets, 2 pairs of pyjamas, and some underwear.
      • End-users seem to be buying wovens - twills, oxfords, denims, etc. - where a year ago and before they were buying knit golf shirts.
      • Comfortable and stylish, you can wear this turtleneck with a stylish pair of beige or light brown corduroys, designer denims, or a dressy pair of flat-front slacks for a more formal occasion.
      • I finally settled on my navy-blue knitted top and well-worn denims paired with my serviceable step-ins.
      • He started appearing in public wearing a uniform: straggly beard, denims and woolly hat.
      • While the first day on Delhi University's north campus saw students in dapper denims, hipsters, halter tops, knee-length skirts, and everything hip that you can think of, there was one thing that was truly Indian.
      • At retail, distressed denim or dark denim are selling well, as are very bleached out denims and colored denims.

    • 2.2US (overalls)

      pantalón de peto masculine
      mono masculine
      overol masculine Latin America