Traducción de denominative en español:


denominativo, adj.

Pronunciación /diˈnɑməˌneɪdɪv/ /diˈnɑmənədɪv/ /dəˈnɑməˌneɪdɪv/ /dɪˈnɒmɪnətɪv/

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    • The denominative verb which is to make an atonement, make reconciliation, or to purge is or Kapar.
    • Reproduction of the trademark's distinctive sign, if it is not strictly a denominative trademark.
    • One of the main contributions of this thesis concerns the analysis of denominative variation causes in specialised texts.
    • A correlation is established and confirmed typologically, between denominative adjective and subject function, on the one hand, and adnominal genitive and the object function, on the other.
    • I am not sure if nashaq is a denominative of the cognate noun.
    • Generally speaking, the denominative connotes the meaning of ‘to be…,’ ‘to work as…,’ ‘to regard as…,’ ‘to desire…,’ but the real emphasis of the word is on the noun.
    • In these cases, an examination in search of precedents is done through a classification specifically developed to the effect, rather than using the normal process applied in the same forms that for a denominative trademark.