Translation of denouement in Spanish:


desenlace, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdeɪnuˈmɑ̃/ /deɪˈnuːmɒ̃/

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    desenlace masculine
    • None of Wilder's leading characters, no matter how neat the final denouements of his films sometimes are, were ever anything but anti-heroes.
    • The denouement of the final twist in the plot is so startling and funny that the laughter must surely have been heard above the traffic outside the theatre.
    • There's nothing like seeing two improbably beautiful people fall in love, fight, and reach a film's dénouement together.
    • It is this moment of rupture which carries the denouement of the film into relatively unexplored territory in Australian landscape cinema.
    • In the notes, you said the script was a little bit like getting a denouement of a film, rather like the third act all in one piece, and viewers have to learn about the characters as they go along.
    • The film opens with the denouement, the murder-suicide, and then recounts the events that preceded it.
    • As the film moves to its denouement, it reverts more to formula with airborne bang-whack-pow style fights between good guy and bad.
    • Like so many loosely bound thrillers, the denouement doesn't add up and the final shoot-out is farcical.
    • There is much to admire in Shakespeare's ability to combine plots and subplots of such diversity and create a dénouement in which any number of knots are blithely unraveled.
    • The plays require neither plot structure nor plausible dénouement to produce the recurring fantasy of woman's life in the absence of men.
    • Many critics complained about the prolonged denouement of the film, which is not fair because they seem to yield to reflex rather than judge by merit.
    • The stage was now set for the final denouement in a two-handed drama.
    • They borrowed their tropes, plots, and denouements from an American cultural tradition that included theories, artworks, and stories that linked nostalgia and extinction.
    • The poem doesn't reach a climax or any sense of denouement in this final installation.
    • It combined the delicacy of ballet with the bombast of a Lloyd-Webber musical, and every move was executed like the denouement of a Shakespearean tragedy.
    • The result is that the denouement of the film is nowhere near as hopeful or emotional as it should be, and the overall message is exposed as weak.
    • As the novel reaches its denouement, the reader begins to see the astonishing mental strength of this woman.
    • To explore the intricacies of the plot further would give away the denouement and spoil any pleasure that might be culled from the evening.
    • As if to reinforce the point, the final denouement, which takes place on live TV, is staged off-screen.
    • As the music built to a final denouement a bright city rose behind the dancers and they joyfully went to enter it.