Traducción de denounce en Español:


denunciar, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈnaʊns/ /dɪˈnaʊns/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (inform against)
    they denounced him to the police as a thief lo denunciaron a la policía por ladrón
    • An informer who denounces someone to the government to be killed, imprisoned, or even fined is likened to an assailant, since being arrested can be a dangerous and traumatic experience.
    • What if the secret services denounced someone based upon information extracted under torture?
    • If he has not abused his authority and betrayed children, he is still guilty of not denouncing those who did.
    • He was denounced as a traitor, that is, by criminals.
    • Survivors were denounced as traitors and suffered severe discrimination.
  • 2

    (action/attitude) denunciar
    • When money is denounced as the root of all evil, we should properly understand it not as banknotes but as bright, treacherous gold.
    • He has publicly denounced all the wrongs that were levelled on him.
    • Of course these photos are going to be denounced as fakes.
    • Another example was last year's ban on the celebrations of the 500 years of discovery, which was denounced as a fraud.
    • The weather forecast was denounced as useless by the locals.
    • Gambling on cricket is nothing new, and as early as 1823 a match between Hampshire and England was denounced as a fix.
    • Far from being the transport revolution expected, the service was denounced as a shambles, a farce and the last resort.
    • So it is that jokes that might once have been accepted as bad-taste gags can now be denounced as intolerable racial insults.
    • Weir was arrested and confessed to sorcery; his sister Grizel was denounced as a witch.
    • Any outside suggestion that reform was overdue was denounced as an assault on our sovereignty.
    • A planned telephone mast has been denounced as a monstrosity by people in Wootton Bassett.
    • The zealots got the upper hand and science was denounced as heresy.
    • The culture of the establishment is denounced as oppressive.
    • The colonists were interested in neither of these projects and Grey was denounced as an out-of-touch theorist.
    • Of course, I would never think of publicly denouncing a guy just because I don't like the way he draws.
    • The most recent action to evacuate was not taken in haste, he declares, and denounces those who say it was.
    • The writers say they were tortured and forced to publicly denounce their work.
    • He is brought to jail; she publicly denounces him; and the court sentences him to six months in prison.
    • There were suggestions, denounced as ludicrous by a raft of academic luminaries, that her research did not make the grade.
    • Oratory is praised as the literature of the people and denounced as the instrument of the demagogue.