Translation of densely in Spanish:


densamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛnsli/


  • 1

    (populated/forested) densamente
    (packed) apretadamente
    • The paintings feature window-like vistas of the ocean that relieve the densely decorated foregrounds.
    • Studies in Costa Rica showed that screwworm flies prefer thick, densely forested areas to open pastures.
    • Today the concept of a pedestrian-friendly, densely built community of wood-frame cottages hardly seems avant-garde.
    • Tybee has been densely developed in single-family residences and condominium units.
    • The site of the house is spread across the crest and western slope of a high ridge densely covered in beech woods.
    • Schuster's study of Albrecht Durer's Melencolia weighed in at 838 densely printed pages.
    • Nutrients enrich the water and some groups of microscopic algae begin to grow densely, or "bloom."
    • Fertilizer in irrigation runoff has caused the normally small cattail patches to spread densely over thousands of acres.
    • An antique television polished to a high gleam was covered densely with dust.
    • Moss and ivy grew densely between each block, so that one might be standing very close to a foundation, and yet not recognise it in the least.
  • 2informal

    • The horse is a densely stupid animal.
    • Kurtz is being densely literal-minded.
    • The plot is paper-thin, the script is awful, and the acting densely wooden.
    • Your ability to group people and label them as column a or column b astounds me, you must be an amazing racist or densely daft.
    • She looked densely at you, she didn't even see me, and didn't ask us one question.
    • They give you an injection, it puts you into a densely dopey state for 5 minutes, then you wake up.