Traducción de dental technician en español:

dental technician

técnico dental, n.


  • 1

    técnico dental masculino, femenino
    protésico dental masculino
    protésica dental femenino
    • Kenny wants to open a chain of dental one-stop shops that would each employ a dentist, dental hygienist and dental technician.
    • He started a dental laboratory in Hollywood, and became a dental technician, assisting dentists of Hollywood celebrities.
    • Many of the ‘face builders’ - or prosthetic technicians - are dental technicians who learn to create crowns, bridges and braces and then undertake further training.
    • During the second half of the century, dental technicians, often working independently in laboratories, fabricated various forms of tooth replacements.
    • For years dental technicians have argued that customers should be able to approach them directly for a set of dentures.