Traducción de deoxygenate en español:


desoxigenar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈɑksədʒəˌneɪt/ /diːˈɒksɪdʒəneɪt/

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verbo transitivo

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    • Silting, aggravated by autumn leaf fall, had deoxygenated the water but the conservation-keen couple were reluctant to restore the tarn until they knew more about its history.
    • This non-invasive device uses a combination red and infra-red light passed through a patient's finger to determine a ratio of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin.
    • The right ventricle then pumps deoxygenated blood through the pulmonic valve and back to the lungs.
    • The right side of the heart receives deoxygenated blood though the veins.
    • Remember the floods, which brought deoxygenated water with rotting vegetation that smells like raw sewerage to Ballina, and killed all the fish in the Richmond?