Translation of departed in Spanish:


difunto, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈpɑrdəd/ /dɪˈpɑːtɪd/

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  • 1 formal, euphemistic

    difunto formal
    our dear departed mother nuestra difunta madre formal
    • The triumphalism gives way to the mourning contemplation of a dear departed friend's great qualities of heart and mind.
    • They were discussing the trip to the mainland, shopping for just the right casket for their dear departed friend.
    • I know things about you that nobody else knows, not even your dear departed husband.
    • The book also features the final work of my dear departed friend Edvin Biukovic, artist of Grendel and Human Target.
    • The chief minister expressed his personal condolences to the members of the bereaved family of Prof Azad and prayed for eternal peace to the departed soul.
    • Some attended workshops to make little candle lanterns that illuminated the face of a dead ancestor - or occasionally a departed kittycat.
    • God bless our departed brother-in-arms, a risen rainbow warrior for peace and sustainable harmony.
    • Several other scholars and organisations have condoled his demise and paid tributes to the departed soul.
    • After the war, the district was reborn as Peace Memorial Park, a place where people come to comfort the departed souls and pray for enduring human peace.
    • His popularity was evident when thousands turned up at Thiru-vananthapuram to pay homage to the departed comrade and console his wife and three children.
    • After a minute's silence for departed members the meeting was zipped through in exemplary fashion - no hanging around with Chairman James!
    • By visiting it on an occasion when people went to shrines and temples as a mark of respect and remembrance to departed souls, Koizumi felt that he was apparently doing no harm.
    • ‘Why don't you do a film on Babaji,’ the now departed Swami had asked him.
    • Colleagues from his days in St. Patrick's Training College in Dublin came from various parts of the country to pay tribute to their departed friend.
    • And it is no length ago since the sadly departed Charlie McCreevy was telling us that we are throwing too much money and not enough action at the problem.
    • York Wasps paid the perfect tribute to their departed coach Lee Crooks yesterday by finally delivering the kind of committed performance he so desperately wanted to see.
    • Colleagues held a minute's silence as a mark of respect for their departed friend at last Friday night's card drive in Knock Community Centre.
    • It's difficult not to be moved by Frequency, a poem to Lee which pictures the departed sticksman ‘lying awake on top of silver clouds’.
    • Jerry Kupcinet has some nice memories of the departed Mr. Hackett.
    • Among the many things credited to the departed comedian, Sauzande, was his contribution to the development of the local film industry.
  • 2 literary

    (happiness/joys/youth) perdido
    remembering departed glories recordando glorias pasadas

nounplural departed

formal, euphemistic
  • 1

    the departed el difunto