Traducción de department store en español:

department store

(grandes) almacenes, n.


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    (grandes) almacenes masculino
    tienda de departamentos femenino México
    there's a department store on the corner en la esquina hay unos grandes almacenes
    • The wife frequently shopped at a large department store for which she had a store card.
    • I feel no urge to spend my weekends at the garden centre, the department store or the furniture warehouse.
    • I pointed across the street at the record store, stuck quietly between a hair salon and a department store.
    • As an experiment, I would recommend browsing the more expensive toiletry counters of a department store.
    • This is a view echoed by Richard Gray, a personal shopper at the luxury department store, Harvey Nichols.
    • Customers linger in front of an imported wine counter at a department store on Huaihai Zhonglu.
    • If it looks like a large department store then it is not a retail shop for the purposes of the Act.
    • The proposals also include a new department store, and extending the city's shopping area to Piccadilly.
    • This was once a thriving retail area until the supermarket closed down and the department store left.
    • Similarly someone who purchases a product in a large department store will receive it in a bag bearing the store's trade mark.
    • Fashion guru Jeff Banks gave style tips to shoppers on Monday night in a visit to a Bolton department store.
    • It suggests that a new cultural asset such as a gallery should be built in place of the proposed department store.
    • Directly in front of him stood a branch of El Corte Ingles, the Spanish department store.
    • Sogo also operates a department store in Taichung in central Taiwan with another local partner.
    • One afternoon Sara entered a department store to buy some clothes.
    • Each of us who have children know what it's like to lose your child for a minute in a department store.
    • It is understood that the upper floors will include a department store, restaurants and cafes.
    • She was wearing a neat black knee length skirt, white blouse and a dark waistcoat and carrying a bag from a local department store.
    • Being in a department store was once a sign that a designer had made it.
    • Meanwhile, back as a Californian teenager, she got a Christmas job in merchandising at a department store.