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dependencia, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈpɛndəns/ /dɪˈpɛnd(ə)ns/

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    dependencia femenino
    • But James aimed to free the crown from any dependence on its subjects.
    • The importance of sea control has increased with the world's growing dependence on international trade and ocean resources.
    • Her mental condition slowly deteriorates with her growing dependence on a fantasy she is unable to control.
    • The writers were sometimes aware of other romances on the subject and often indicate their dependence on Chretien or other sources.
    • Is corn ethanol the way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil?
    • His dependence on a more capable partner may have prevented him from gaining a deep understanding of how to solve both problems.
    • Direct state funding of aid agencies to undertake such activities is a growing trend, as is overall dependence on government coffers.
    • Implemented citywide, it could reduce by half this arid city's expensive dependence on imported water.
    • Despite continued Chinese dependence on larger, extended families, the nuclear family is most pervasive in Macau.
    • During his presidency education expanded and the government made efforts to diversify the economy to release Zambia from its dependence on copper.
    • The explorers' frequent journal references to their horses are testimony to their dependence on those tough, grass-fed animals.
    • Garages at the rear of homes free the front of the property for human interaction and decrease dependence on the automobile.
    • But our dependence on motor vehicles powered by fossil fuels incurs an array of external costs to the environment and the public's health.
    • Because of our great dependence on science, we assume that humanity should have the means to deal with any catastrophe.
    • The money is divided among tobacco producing counties in Kentucky based on their economic dependence on the crop.
    • The cornea is reshaped to reduce the patient's dependence on glasses.
    • This dependence on imports has prodded the nation into tremendous achievements in improved efficiency.
    • One fact unites all home schoolers: dependence on the efforts of mothers.
    • The changed orientation of government was exemplified in the monarchy's new dependence on parliamentary taxes rather than feudal dues.
    • Choices made within these relationships, he argued, may give rise to the financial dependence of one partner on the other.
    • As with the Chinese, the Japanese family also plays a key role in maintaining social stability, dependence, and mutual support.
    • What she chooses is true love and financial dependence - outside marriage.
    • Of great relevance to the story is the financial dependence of the university.
    • As a policy for financial independence of women, it creates financial dependence.
    • The predominance of wives among petitioners is due to their greater financial dependence.
    • The aim of the Brothers of Charity is to support each participant in a successful transition from dependence to independence.
    • Essentially, it is designed to provide protection where there is a financial dependence.
    • Paternalism fosters passivity and dependence, saps self confidence, and undermines people's ability to cope.
    • Their community has a strength, built upon trust and mutual dependence.
    • The disease frequently results in increasing dependence upon others for both social and practical support.
    • The dependence of the US on financial inflows from the rest of the world is starting to cause concern in some financial circles.
    • The deeper challenge is how to provide support in ways that challenge dependence.
    • In the United Kingdom they face the effects of poverty, dependence, and lack of cohesive social support.
    • Self help support programmes provide temporary help and not life long dependence.
    • Thirdly, placements in supported housing at varying levels of dependence have increased enormously.
    • He adds that, towards the end of last year, the company became cashflow - positive, reducing its dependence on external funding.
    • His big moment is when he lashes out at Joe in frustration because of his lost arm and his dependence on his brother's charity.
    • Instead, they want to reduce dependence on debt during uncertain times.
    • On the other hand, he had to take into account the country's strong economic dependence on Russia.
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    dependencia femenino
    his dependence on morphine su dependencia de la morfina
    • Injections are also being developed to help tackle other serious addictions, including drugs dependence.
    • Lifetime risks and correlates for both alcohol and drug abuse and dependence were estimated.
    • With proper and timely treatment the victim of alcohol dependence can beat his addiction and lead a useful, productive life.
    • While it does not produce a physical addiction, psychological dependence is quite common.
    • Similarly, substance abuse counseling will refer to the treatment of drug abuse and dependence.
    • No other sociodemographic variables were significantly associated with recent drug dependence.
    • The law allowed for the suspension of penalties if the offender agreed to enter a treatment program for drug dependence.
    • Future research might focus on how to improve procedures assessing drug use and dependence in offenders.
    • Tricyclic antidepressants don't cause dependence or addiction, but they can make you drowsy.
    • Nicotine is the substance in tobacco that is capable of causing addiction or dependence.
    • They said this may boost the effects of physiological processes which lead to dependence and addiction.
    • This increases both health risks and the likelihood of dependence or addiction.
    • The self-medication hypothesis of addictive disorders: focus on heroin and cocaine dependence.
    • Patients with a past or present history of addiction or dependence on opioids account for the majority of these reports.
    • Treatment for alcohol abuse or dependence may include outpatient detoxification.
    • It is believed that prevention will help to deter drug abuse or the intensification of dependence.
    • The popular view is that cannabis is not a drug of dependence because it does not have a clearly defined withdrawal syndrome.
    • Doctors are very cautious about prescribing sleeping pills to patients, since they often lead to serious drug dependence.
    • It is a cure with permanent remission from the symptoms of drug dependence.
    • Methadone is also used to help some people control their dependence on heroin or other narcotics.