Translation of depict in Spanish:


representar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈpɪkt/ /dɪˈpɪkt/

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transitive verb

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    • As in a disaster movie, the lives are depicted as parallel narratives, hinged on the impending disaster.
    • Eltham is sometimes depicted as a deprived area with few recreation venues and nothing to offer children.
    • Perhaps it is for this reason that hill running is sometimes depicted as an obscure offshoot of mainstream athletics.
    • They have been depicted as failing as human beings, as moral beings, in these respects.
    • Yet, the incident was depicted as another example of a farmer abusing his worker.
    • Yet he implored that the Indian Empire should not be depicted as an exclusive commercial concern.
    • Since the eighteenth century, the depressed person had been depicted as attention-seeking.
    • The tribute does not applaud or pay homage to the people who are depicted as maids, but to their servitude.
    • He's depicted as a lonely man who doesn't even take the time to enjoy the money he makes.
    • Factory workers are depicted as work-shy and devious, company directors as unscrupulous.
    • Her relationship with William was depicted as a love affair, involving many partings and returns from war.
    • Domestic and international politics were depicted as opposite sides of the same coin.
    • He belonged to the noble or warrior caste and is depicted as wealthy and indulgent towards his son.
    • Chimpanzees have been depicted as killer apes whereas they are really more than that.
    • Words fail to depict the pain and suffering of that memory.
    • Describe how the film depicts the mental process or expression, and why the film is so effective in doing so.
    • Canadians are no longer depicted as being any one cultural background, race or heritage.
    • The miser is at times depicted as an unhappy man bringing misery not only to himself but also to others.
    • Today such sentiments tend to be treated with scepticism, if not depicted as elitist.
    • The words depict Rose as an art model from the Bronx transported to Greenwich Village.
    • The four-metre wide painting depicts a typical Lowry scene of Victorian life in a northern cotton town.
    • The food is traditional hearty Saxon fair, and there are paintings on the wall depicting scenes from the play.
    • All Arthur had was the rights to the novel and a portfolio of paintings depicting possible scenes.
    • The earliest known painting to depict a Shakespearean scene is being bought by the National Trust, it was announced today.
    • The paintings depict scenes from Hindu mythology and the colours would never fade.
    • Bung Karno was drawn to paintings depicting heroism because he was always engaged in struggle.
    • Urquhart pointed out the painting Henry was receiving depicts a father and son hunting high in the mountains.
    • Her paintings include a painting that depicts a group of women in tears.
    • The viewer is first confronted with a painting depicting a large telephone.
    • A touching painting was the one depicting motherhood made in canvas by K. Kumaran.
    • The installations featured short films and paintings depicting the band members by Shepard Fairey.
    • The exhibition showed a number of paintings, depicting a wide spectrum of society.
    • His mould paintings depicted a range of subjects including a ballerina, the house he lived in and a guardsman.
    • This painting depicted a group of city guardsmen awaiting the command to fall in line.
    • Her paintings depict the rugged beauty of Inishmurray and the medium she uses is watercolour.
    • Paintings of Timothy Thilakumar depict his deep attachment for flowers and woods.
    • She was in and out of hospital for the rest of her life and her paintings often depict her suffering.
    • The painting depicts various containers and bottles on an old varnished counter.
    • The painting depicts the last journey of the Temeraire, a famous warship sold by the Royal Navy in 1838.
    • The city art museum, the Herbert Gallery, is nearby, and houses several paintings depicting the Godiva story.
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