Translation of deplete in Spanish:


reducir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈplit/ /dɪˈpliːt/

transitive verb

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    (supplies/stock/funds) reducir
    energy sources are being rapidly depleted las fuentes de energía se están agotando rápidamente
    • the regiment was greatly depleted by desertion las deserciones diezmaron el regimiento
    • hunger and lack of sleep had depleted his strength el hambre y la falta de sueño lo habían debilitado / habían consumido sus fuerzas
    • I felt depleted me sentía agotado / sin fuerzas
    • Their stocks were severely depleted by whaling, and they remain low.
    • The use of modified plants would take the pressure off severely depleted fish stocks.
    • Irrigation, of course, not only depletes groundwater but reduces surface flow too, with dams and diversions that cause downstream desertification and the loss of productive wetlands and freshwater fish stocks.
    • Soils that remain saturated deplete soil oxygen and reduce or prevent root growth, resulting in overall plant decline.
    • Like other farmed fish, they consume fishmeal which depletes wild stock.
    • But since the move itself severely depleted my bank account, I'll be acquiring those things bit by bit as my budget allows.
    • Staff shortages depleted an Epsom fire crew on Sunday as officers rescued a couple from a blaze without assistance from an extra appliance.
    • About half of the world's rivers are severely depleted and polluted.
    • The first problem McCall encountered on his return was a severely depleted player roll.
    • Stade started the game with a severely depleted team but it was hard to spot the gaps.
    • The immune system can be severely depleted, with the suppression of immunity allowing infection to overwhelm the body while defenses are down.
    • Glutamine is severely depleted during stress and injury.
    • The return of Radebe in particular will bolster a severely depleted squad, who are missing 19 international players for a host of reasons.
    • Farming practices did not change or adapt at the same pace, however, such that soil fertility was severely depleted in these areas.
    • Juvenile swordfish and other severely depleted species are often accidentally caught by longlines.
    • Conflicts between the colonists and the Crown grew worse after the French and Indian war, which severely depleted the Treasury.
    • Harvesting can severely deplete wild populations that are already hampered by restricted ranges, harsh environments and low levels of seed production.
    • Moss adds that chemotherapy and radiation deplete antioxidants so severely that it's necessary to take supplements to maintain normal levels.
    • Government officials are critical of environmental groups' claims about depleted alerce stocks.
    • He would do what he could to assist the depleted crews.
    • With the rich mangroves depleting fast, the number of migratory birds has decreased over the years.
    • Do oil deposits get depleted too fast as oil countries try to maximize their oil earnings?
    • Municipal representatives said bread supplies were depleting.
    • Now, the inland city's water supplies are all but depleted as Australia's crippling drought parches farm and playing field alike.
    • Menopause, when the estrogen supply becomes depleted, is the time that many women begin to experience a dramatic decrease in bone mass.
    • But once supplies become depleted, and demand increase, prices have to rise.
    • Britain, for example, is likely to become a net exporter of gas in the next two years as its North Sea supplies deplete at a time when demand is rising.
    • Basically the blood supply to the bone is cut off or depleted during dislocation and if this occurs for long enough the bone dies.
    • About every 15 years the nearby supplies of wild game and firewood would become depleted, and the farmed soil would become exhausted.
    • The atrocious weather meant a hard long climb, their food became depleted, they were exhausted and mistakes began to happen.
    • She had to give up work for a year to look after Emma full-time, leaving her exhausted and the family coffers seriously depleted.
    • Finally, as resources become more depleted, individuals cut back in food quantity to the point where they may not eat at all because of lack of food.
    • This change is only partially driven by climate change concerns, as the major driver is the realisation that fossil fuels are depleting rapidly.
    • The Government is determined to increase the housing stock, which was severely depleted during the 1990s.
    • My stamp collection is severely depleted, and I miss standing over the kettle every so often steaming off unused second-class stamps.
    • By the 1950s, the South's alligator population was severely depleted, especially in Florida.
    • With the crashes and groundings, the small force of heavy attack fire bombers has been severely depleted.
    • Cycads should be a distinctive feature of Eastern Cape flora but due to the illegal trade in these plants, the number of wild plants has been severely depleted over the years.
    • By the mid-1970s all of the great whales of the North Pacific were severely depleted.
    • By the twentieth century the dry forests were severely depleted and degraded.
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