Translation of deplorable in Spanish:


deplorable, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈplɔrəb(ə)l/ /dɪˈplɔːrəb(ə)l/

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    (incident/situation) deplorable
    (incident/situation) vergonzoso
    it is deplorable that this is still allowed es deplorable / vergonzoso que esto se siga permitiendo
    • Even if their claims are exaggerated, any loss of life is deplorable and unacceptable.
    • During the past two days, residents have been setting fires on the streets to highlight deplorable living conditions.
    • Older people in the locality cannot recollect the roads ever having been in a more deplorable condition.
    • The animals used for this trade are raised under deplorable conditions and killed solely for their skins and furs.
    • Although not as large an operation as a puppy mill, backyard breeders often possess the same deplorable conditions.
    • Housing conditions are frequently deplorable, overcrowded, and substandard.
    • These deplorable conditions existed in military prisons of both sides.
    • We have received a complaint from some tourists about a bear being mistreated and kept in deplorable conditions in a snake farm in Pattaya.
    • Its focus has changed, that's all: it's no longer praise for conduct seen as admirable, but condemnation of antics seen as deplorable.
    • The conditions inside the building are deplorable, terrible, disgusting.
    • It is deplorable that the delay in undertaking the job was mainly attributed to the two parties' differences over channels of negotiations.
    • ‘I think it is a deplorable state of affairs,’ he told the town council.
    • I am disappointed in the deplorable, unconscionable way they are trying to make this a political issue.
    • Such an unthinkable and deplorable situation would affect every aspect of potential business and the quality of life for the future generations in Swindon.
    • I write on behalf of a number of Joseph Rowntree pupils - all of whom have received deplorable service from the bus service over recent weeks.
    • They fail to realize that elderly people, when reduced to a deplorable state of solitude, have all the more need for someone to talk to and interact with.
    • The killing of innocents is deplorable and appalling in any part of the world.
    • Not to say that Russell isn't right when he laments the deplorable state of modern culture.
    • This was, after all, a world in which literacy was rare, and the quality of preaching deplorable.
    • These kinds of outrages are deplorable and the perpetrators should be brought to justice.
  • 2

    (accident/misfortune) lamentable