Traducción de deponent en Español:


deponente, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈpoʊnənt/ /dɪˈpəʊnənt/

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  • 1also deponent verb

    deponente masculino
    verbo deponente masculino
    • Just because an active form doesn't exist in the relatively small corpus of the New Testament, this is no reason to deem a verb deponent.
    • When one examines the ‘passive deponent’ verbs in question, they are a subset of the eighty-five-plus verbs that we have argued are true middles, not deponents.
    • Mounce gives the figure of approximately seventy-five percent of the middle forms in the NT should be classified as deponent.
  • 2

    deponente masculino, femenino
    • I understand from the affidavits that the various deponents have inconvenienced themselves by coming to the Court today.
    • The deponents to these affidavits state that they have suffered injuries which were not fully compensated for under the prior settlements.
    • You are the deponent of the affidavit which you have provided to the Court Registry in support of the application?
    • The adoption of such a test would sometimes require the trial of an issue or at least cross-examination of deponents to affidavits.
    • If that is what the deponent of this affidavit wants to say, I want to cross-examine him.