Traducción de deportee en Español:


deportado, n.

Pronunciación /ˌdipɔrˈti/ /ˌdiːpɔːˈtiː/


  • 1

    deportado masculino
    deportada femenino
    • Like the early deportees these 21st-century settlers have to endure hardship and adversity before they emerge into the promised land of white sandy beaches stretching into the sunset.
    • What seems to have been forgotten behind all the ranting is that legal deportees require support and deportation orders can be wrongly served.
    • Politically persecuted deportees are often arrested at the airport as they leave the plane to be subjected to renewed torture, or they simply ‘disappear’ without a trace.
    • It is difficult to believe that such considerations will bear fruit, however, meaning that forced deportations and prisons for deportees will receive approval.
    • From there, the deportees eventually escaped to refugee camps.
    • Many of the deportees were born in refugee camps in Thailand, have never been to Cambodia or left as babies, and do not speak Khmer.
    • Government through the immigration department should interrogate the deportees to establish the truth about their alien status and how they trekked to their destination.
    • Daly called on local politicians to ensure social services and support was there for deportees, as many end up homeless.
    • However, the viewpoints were to quickly change when soon after, we heard of the appalling conditions under which these deportees were being ‘taken back to where they belong’.
    • Still, 60 years after they were spared from death in concentration camps, the former deportees remain the most powerful weapon against those who try to forget or distort the past.
    • This became even bloodier with the arrival of several deportees who were already well schooled in criminal activity and in the operation and internationalisation of the drug trade.
    • The Border Patrol confiscates deportees ' cash and issues a cheque marked ‘not valid without both signatures’ of two border policemen.
    • Responding to criticism about the treatment of the deportees, the barrister for the State said that an interpreter and doctor had been on board the aircraft.
    • Some of the deportees, including a girl aged about nine, hid their faces from the cameras as they climbed the stairs to board the BAe 146-200 jet.
    • The government also plans to return suspects to countries that are known to torture detainees - providing it obtains assurances that the deportees will be safe.
    • An estimated 46 per cent of deportees died from hunger and disease.
    • He gained prominence as spokesman for the deportees, who were allowed to return after their home country came under international pressure.
    • Many Poles or those of Polish descent born in the Forties, Fifties and Sixties could be descendants of Siberian deportees.
    • Some people were discussing the idea of taking finger prints from deportees as soon as they arrive on our shores.
    • The idea, that officers will target potential deportees and drive them home, is fraught with complexity.