Translation of depress in Spanish:


deprimir, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈprɛs/ /dɪˈprɛs/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    rainy days depress me los días lluviosos me deprimen
    • At first it depressed me that people gauged their popularity by how many texts they received, but on further reflection I realised that it's nothing new.
    • That was completely demoralising, it shattered my confidence, and I was depressed for a year.
    • It just depresses me that so many people waste so much time bleating inanely and helplessly when there are lives to go out and live.
    • It depresses me to hear on the news the number of people murdered or dying violently.
    • It depresses me to think of people trying to sell papers by dredging up bad things or bad news.
    • Thinking these dark thoughts doesn't depress me; in fact, I'm a happy person.
    • Sit her down and explain how much this is depressing you.
    • Don't put the songs on… they are seriously depressing me.
    • Far from depressing me or driving me away from the faith, I found these controversies enormously heartening.
    • I've been away from my social life for so long now that I'm starting to forget how to have fun and that's seriously depressing me.
    • Besides, all these photos from summer are depressing me - remember when the sky was blue?
    • Sheila said: ‘It depresses us looking out on the mess every day.’
    • He said: ‘I do quite like Christmas, but sometimes it depresses me, sometimes it makes me feel like more of a loser than I do already.’
    • The contrast depresses me.
    • This is a thought that depresses me a little bit.
    • It depresses me because of events from over a year ago.
    • It depresses me thinking about how I will cope with the situation following the recent government decision to increase prices.
    • I am sick to death of mud and rain and grey skies - it depresses me.
    • The fact that I know this depresses me more than you can imagine.
    • It just depresses me to lose customers because of this.
  • 2 formal

    (press down)
    (handle/lever) bajar
    (button) pulsar formal
    (button) apretar
    • When the grip safety is depressed the rod is pushed up and lifts the firing pin block located in the slide.
    • Your thumb will depress the magazine release lever as you grasp the magazine.
    • It must also be in the proper position to depress the plunger on the deadlocking latch.
    • To use the extinguisher, you pull out the safety pin and depress the operating lever.
    • When you open up previously inaccessible areas by turning a lever or depressing a block, the camera unlocks its view from the character.
    • When the bread is inserted and the toaster levers depressed it will begin singing and flashing its lights.
    • A quick adjustment of his grip and his thumb depressed the button that released the loaded magazine, allowing it to drop an inch out of the weapon.
    • Taria pressed and depressed the bomb trigger twice, and everyone could hear the double clunk of the bombs falling out of the bomb bay.
    • Integral with the map is the audio component that allows a visitor to locate, select, and depress buttons that activate voice descriptions of specific areas of the building or exhibit.
    • However, with the safety engaged, depressing this lever allows the bolt to be operated.
    • The front of the faceplate easily detaches by depressing a small button on either side and pulling it forwards.
    • At once, the driver lightly depressed the accelerator and they pushed away from the curb into the bustling city traffic.
    • To fold simply push the sight down, depress the button, and lock the sight into place.
    • To drive it forward you simply depress a lever with your right thumb; the further you push it, the faster you go.
    • As the slide is pulled to the rear, depress the ejector at the right rear of the frame.
    • The right hand depresses the locking latch, then lowers the grip frame.
    • The unit removes easily by simply depressing a lever and turning it 90 degrees.
    • When the grip safety is depressed it lifts a small lever that lies beside the hammer and is held in place by the hammer pin.
    • The centre lever is depressed to set the trigger, then the rope is looped around the bowstring and locked into the jaw.
    • He just did not have the weight to depress the lever.
  • 3

    (market) deprimir
    (prices/wages) reducir
    (prices/wages) hacer bajar
    • But they also are aware that large tax increases at this time of economic stagnation and rising unemployment would depress economic activity even further.
    • These actions further depress economic activity, prices, corporate cash flows and the ability of borrowers to service debts.
    • Inflationary policies conducted for long periods of time not only foster the growth of government but also depress economic activity.
    • High or rising rates of interest will have a negative influence on effective demand and depress the economy.
    • Overall, the effect was to depress global economic activity, but we're getting over it.
    • All this intensifies the economic slump and depresses prices further.
    • Income taxes lead to economic costs because they tend to depress the overall level of employment in the economy.
    • Against that, the higher taxes needed to pay back all that debt are going to depress the economy.
    • Consumer demand will be depressed as stock prices retreat, leading to lower levels of net household wealth.
    • Falling stocks may further depress the world's economies
    • General anesthesia causes peripheral vessels to dilate by depressing the sympathetic nervous system.
    • Inhalants are breathable chemical vapors that can produce a quick, powerful high, usually by depressing the central nervous system.
    • Acutely, it depresses the central nervous system and can also precipitate cardiac arrhythmia.
    • Alcohol itself is a depressant, therefore combining it with a barbiturate can depress the nervous system to such an extent that it ceases functioning altogether.
    • Studies show sedative herbs gently depress the central nervous system, thus calming you and inducing sleep.
    • Unfortunately, it actually aggravates the sense of business anxiety and fear and the reinforcing restraint which will depress economic activity further.
    • Chemotherapy will only depress her immune system further.
    • Treatments that depress the immune system leave the body unguarded against illness and even common infections can be extremely dangerous.
    • In fact, an excess of these helpful minerals may even depress your immune system and exacerbate the infection process.
    • Dumping shares further depresses already depressed markets, crystallising losses in the process.
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    tener un efecto depresivo sobre