Translation of depressed in Spanish:


deprimido, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈprɛst/ /dɪˈprɛst/

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  • 1

    she's feeling a bit depressed anda un poco deprimida
    • to get/become depressed deprimirse
    • I mean, to say they were depressed or despondent is too light.
    • He was depressed, despondent, and in total despair.
    • Among the most unhappy and depressed people in the region are the supporters of the official opposition in the province.
    • Because of his stubborn nature, Gary is often depressed and unhappy.
    • I was depressed and saddened - I felt almost stateless.
    • And the real reason he was unhappy and unaffectionate was because he was depressed about his job.
    • The moody, depressed man that had once been was gone.
    • I couldn't help but mimic the fact Sean was upset, so I was majorly depressed and upset all through the next period.
    • I was really depressed and upset about him winning the election, like a lot of people.
    • When you are depressed or upset, if someone tries to share their problems with you, you are unable to listen to them.
    • He started to feel trapped, despondent and depressed.
    • She sounded almost as if she were depressed, or at least just generally unhappy.
    • Yes, I miss Neil, but that's not why I'm depressed.
    • I am depressed to see that kids these days do ‘food technology’ and design a pizza on a computer rather than handle real cheese and real mushrooms.
    • ‘He was clearly depressed at the outcome’ and found talking to the man ‘very unpleasant’.
    • I was very depressed when I saw it break on the news.
  • 2

    (economy/market) deprimido
    (economy/market) en crisis
    (area) deprimido
    (area) de gran desempleo
    depressed prices have created a buyer's market la caída de los precios ha creado un mercado que favorece al comprador
    • This will mean that the buoyant region maintains full employment whereas the depressed region exhibits a local labour demand shortfall.
    • This depressed economic activity hurt employment figures and affected demand for housing, he said.
    • He attributes deflation to an increase in money demand caused by expectations of further deflation and perhaps depressed economic activity.
    • Large areas of Africa were depopulated, economic development was severely depressed and the societies left behind were fragmented and destabilized.
    • The high proportion of new cars on the road and the uncertainty over foot-and-mouth disease have depressed activity in the used car market, dealers said.
    • The companies tend to locate their centres in economically depressed areas with a surplus of cheap labour that can be employed on casual, flexible contracts.
    • The long decline of shipbuilding had a downward multiplier effect on these regional economies which became the depressed areas of inter-war Britain.
    • Fifteen years ago, this was an economically and environmentally depressed city.
    • The list honors entrepreneurs who have chosen to grow their companies within some of America's most economically depressed areas.
    • The widening gulf between the richer federal states and the economically depressed regions is preparing the ground for a massive social explosion.
    • Numerous examples show that cool art scenes spring up out of economically depressed areas.
    • Now, a once prosperous town is economically depressed, unemployment has skyrocketed, and nobody can afford health insurance anymore.
    • Most of them are in economically depressed areas.
    • Even before area steel mills began to shut down and lay off workers the area was economically depressed.
    • For years, the economically depressed town has been just another casualty of declining population, high unemployment and loss of industry.
    • Once you take a lot of jobs out of economically depressed areas, like that area where they closed the plant, you will have an economic collapse in the city.
    • Those exposed as young or adult animals displayed depressed activity.
    • What could possibly worsen a depressed farm economy?
    • Indeed, the downside to public spending cutbacks is depressed demand and job losses as well as reduced public services and continued inadequate infrastructure.
    • Besides this upgrade, the adjacent depressed suburbs also need a long-overdue, rejuvenation shot in the arm.
  • 3US

    de calidad inferior
    his reading skills are depressed en lectura está por debajo de lo normal