Traducción de depressurize en español:


despresurizar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈprɛʃəˌraɪz/ /diːˈprɛʃərʌɪz/

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verbo transitivo

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    • The flight engineer began to depressurize the aircraft to prevent a rapid decompression from occurring if the EDC failed during the descent.
    • Entering the shuttle by the tiny airlock would be time consuming and I wondered why Pete hadn't depressurized the cabin and let them in through the main cargo hatch.
    • By the time someone got to him, the man had already torn away the door's interior panelling and was about to depressurize the cabin.
    • However, several colleagues had learned of the plot and came just in the nick of time to prevent the man from depressurizing the chamber.
    • The technician says someone probably topped off the fluid level without first depressurizing the ABS accumulator.
    • He stood there for a moment before reaching out and taking the cake. He held it in his hand for a moment before depressurizing his helmet and lifting it up slowly and took a bite.
    • What we've got going on right now is, downstairs we have the blower door operating, depressurizing the home.
    • After depressurizing the window's inner panes, he replaced the hose and installed a protective cover.
    • He reached up, confused a bit at this order and turned the small valve to the side of the helmet, depressurizing it.
    • It appears that they safely depressurized the system in question during the commissioning activities in April 1996 without the need of the additional facilities now claimed.
    • Chambers were slowly depressurized after treatment, and the animals were reverted to breathing room air thereafter.
    • He depressurized the walkway, and then detached it from the transport.
    • Then he depressurized the pod and opened the hatch, leading the others onto the rocky surface of Eros.
    • As the crews approached the drop zone, they depressurized the planes and opened the cargo doors.
    • I'll depressurize the hold and we'll guide it in manually.