Traducción de deprived en español:


carenciado, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈpraɪvd/ /dɪˈprʌɪvd/


  • 1

    (child) carenciado
    (child) desventajado
    (region) carenciado
    educationally deprived children niños con una educación deficitaria
    • he had an emotionally deprived childhood tuvo una niñez con grandes carencias afectivas
    • Smokers in deprived areas perceive a lack of support to help them to stop smoking.
    • She condemned the deprived conditions and lack of opportunities for young people in the area.
    • The increase in the number of medical students will open the door to a medical career for students from deprived or culturally diverse communities.
    • Some deprived and orphaned children and adults have benefited from a company's efforts to improve their lives.
    • This was expressed in no small part in the faces of around 150,000 orphans living in deprived conditions.
    • The Government cash will help children in deprived areas by paying for more volunteers to teach the basic skills.
    • Most children arriving at the school, some from severely deprived areas, are already below the expected standard aged just three.
    • Severely deprived, neglected or abused environment will have negative effects on the growth of a child.
    • People in the countryside as well as the deprived sections in the urban areas are crying for basic facilities.
    • Children from deprived areas are more likely to suffer tooth decay than those from better-off backgrounds.
    • The government is to target deprived areas where poor families suffer more ill health.
    • Hundreds of shops in some of the most deprived parts of the region are to benefit from increased security under a scheme to cut crime and vandalism.
    • "The situation is even worse for people living in the most deprived areas."
    • He said: " The youngsters involved are not just from socially deprived families."
    • I felt deprived, and was happy that I had James here for me.
    • The real message of the league tables is that they highlight the deprived neighbourhoods.
    • The crusade against poverty will he stepped up too, giving help to deprived neighbourhoods.
    • These children come from deprived backgrounds in slums and many right off the streets.
    • They say about £500 will build one home for people in deprived communities.
    • Doesn't the government say the projects are about solving the problems on deprived council estates?