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profundidad, n.

Pronunciación /dɛpθ/

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  • 1

    • 1.1(of hole, water)

      profundidad femenino
      at a depth of 200m a una profundidad de 200m
      • What is the condition of the bottom and depth of soft mud in that berth?
      • Wading usually is easy over a gravel bottom of predictable depth and flow, with ample room for backcasts.
      • Pots were PVC cylinders, 20 cm diameter and 50 cm depth, sealed at the bottom.
      • The sea digs a channel near the beach and this channel can be any depth, length or width.
      • The shallow end is far too deep: in excess of 1.5 meters in depth, more than four feet nine inches, a depth too deep for a school pool.
      • Again, one's perceptions of surface and depth were uncertain.
      • You will also probably know the average depth, the surface area, the age of the lake and when it was last emptied.
      • Water depth was measured at all study sites at 4-8 d intervals between May 19 and June 17.
      • Saul reported that based on the mollusks, the maximum water depth of the sandstone was 35 meters.
      • The ice thickness and snow depth varied from 0.5 to 1.3 m and from 1 to 9 cm, respectively.
      • He thought he swam about one hundred yards before testing the river's depth again, this time with better result.
      • Phill and I walked out into the surf to about 2 foot depth and scoured the surf from shore to about 30 yards out for signs of feeding tarpon.
      • The creek was beautiful, crystal clear with an average depth of three feet, flowing through some lovely countryside.
      • The lakes are clear with an average depth of about 4ft with a whole range of different types of water lily.
      • The feeling within the club is that a depth of 1.5 metres is neither adequate nor entirely safe.
      • This is another small river, embanked for all of its length, with a depth of up to 5 feet.
      • Its crater is 525 meters X 425 meters in diameter, and has a depth of between 47.5 meters and 195 meters.
      • It is in waters that can be very hostile and is 3,000m below the seabed which, itself, is at a depth of 350 metres making recovery of the gas a difficult and expensive task.
      • The new harbour area now being created will be dredged to a depth of four metres and will provide much-needed space for the increasing number of fishing boats using the old harbour.
      • Land earmarked for new homes could be flooded to a depth of nearly ten feet if major rainfall swelled a ‘main river’ flowing through the site, it was revealed today
      • The mind is attracted to complex issues which resound with profundity and emotional depth.

    • 1.2

      (of shelf, cupboard) profundidad femenino
      (of shelf, cupboard) fondo masculino
      (of hem) ancho masculino
      the full depth of the garden todo el largo del jardín
      • It was unsurpassed in the length of the front, depth of the advance and retreat, duration of continuous fighting, and the size of the armies on each side.
      • The hood is a separate panel that adds depth to the front section, and ties the fenders, greenhouse and nose together.
      • Despite all that the Nazi forces breached the Voronezh Front to the depth of 30-35 kilometers.
      • Upstairs, the property's largest bedroom runs the depth of the house, has views over both the front and back gardens and includes a good sized fitted cupboard.
      • There are two more bedrooms on the second floor, one of which runs the depth of the house from front to rear and has a bird's eye view of the river and the city.
      • A clever carpenter can address variations in worktop depth and even surface heights, but even slender vertical gaps between units are bad news.
      • In order to permit the outer frame to open without hitting the wall, I measured the outside depth of the back frame.
      • The size and depth of rear garden areas are generous, and are particularly so in respect of those associated with Nos 6 and 8 of the Road.
      • Measure your shelf, or the depth of the wardrobe. Write a list of what you're looking for and carry this list and measurements with you.
      • She can use the whole depth of the cupboard with ease.
      • White paint makes it much more difficult to judge where the ceiling actually is in relation to the floor, thus increasing the apparent depth of the room.
      • Your focal point is visually eye-level, straight ahead in the depth of the room, or the opposite wall.
      • It may be necessary to trim the depth of the worktop to suit your overall finished depth, bearing in mind that an overhang over the base units is normal.
      • As a general rule, the depth of the worktop should be a minimum of 24” deep.
      • If you have a deeper television set, the depth of the tabletop may also come into play.

    • 1.3Deporte
      (of shot)

      alcance masculino

    • 1.4Fotografía

      depth of field profundidad de campo
      • John himself hand-colors or antiques the enlarged picture, adding beauty, dimension and depth.
      • Showy but not slick, the work has a new painterly depth and dimension that take it beyond the surface.
      • The most popular is selenium toner, which deepens the blacks and shadow areas of the print, adding depth and dimension.
      • The intensity of colour tones, from light to shade and then dark gives depth and added dimension to the picture.
      • But the town scene was placed in the foreground to achieve a strong decorative effect and to add depth to the picture.
      • The landscape background applied the effect of aerial perspective to create depth.
      • By throwing near-by objects out of focus, as it were, Vermeer suggested depth with a device more subtle than the standard practice of making them markedly lighter or darker than what is behind.
      • With so many majestic shots and brilliant cinematography, I wanted more depth and dimensionality from the transfer.
      • As a result, one is free to contemplate the pure painterly richness and depth of each work.
      • A light gray deepens to a gleaming anthracite, giving volume and depth to the image.
      • In order to provide a sense of depth on a two-dimensional display, the system generates two separate images, one for the right eye and one for the left.
      • But along with such enduring classics, subtle patterns are being used to add depth and dimension.
      • In order to create depth and dimension, the principle of overlapping is taught and used now.
      • She explained to her guests that she put the spots of paint over the top of her framed images in order to create an illusion of depth and dimension.
      • He has lavished colours on his canvases, but has blended hues subtly in an attempt to give a new dimension and depth to the works.
      • No matter what method is used, paint can be applied to the finished product to mimic the brushstrokes of the original work and enhance the visual depth of the transfer.
      • Picasso is not interested in describing tone, depth, or form.
      • The sharp, crisp brushwork for which he is known conveys a sense of depth, shadow and light and pattern and texture.
      • While the image does have some minor degree of over enhancement in spots, it is, overall, a solid picture full of depth and detail.
      • And instead of adding depth to the work, the pattern appears merely decorative, like wallpaper.

  • 2

    • 2.1(of emotion)

      profundidad femenino
      • Theo was in the depths of despair as it was ten years to the day that his beautiful wife died, somewhat mysteriously.
      • Little more than a year ago he was in the depths of despair, but yesterday he put it all behind him with a wonderful victory over his rival.
      • ‘We were promised Utopia and we are in the depths of despair,’ said one governor.
      • He was in the depths of despair following allegations of rape and sexual assault and tabloid tales of cocaine abuse.
      • His light, endearing style simply isn't right when it comes to the depths of despair and the relentless pain of a life no longer felt to be worth living.
      • When she arrived in South Africa she had no inkling of the depths of despair about to unfold before her eyes.
      • That his pleasantness has survived the depths of despair and frustration says much for his sweet nature.
      • Get out on a Sunday morning and watch what's going on around you before you sink further into the depths of despair.
      • If being a father was such a noble business then why was it that he so often seemed in the depths of despair about his parental role?
      • He was in the depths of despair and he felt he had been pushed too far.
      • I am in the depths of despair and everyone around me is laughing and smiling.
      • It's taken me to the dizzy heights of success one day only to drag me down to the depths of despair the next.
      • He vividly traced Bartók's musical journey from the depths of despair to a reaffirmation of the human spirit!
      • Why are our professionals still leaving, our services still deteriorating, and our young people in the depths of despair?
      • The sad tale of a madman's decent to the depths of despair hardly provided the most upbeat ending to the festival but created a stir in the audience.
      • Looking back on the progress we've made these last few years, it is hard to remember that it all began in the depths of despair.
      • Your hand lifts us from the depths of despair, the depths of apathy and depression, and the depths of fear.
      • He is a man who has a very successful record in real estate, but he is also a man who has experienced the depths of despair.
      • The frustration of her dreams being continually thwarted throws her further into the depths of despair.
      • However, after the heights of ecstasy, the depths of despair soon followed.
      • His rare lyrical quality bears emotional depth without sickly sweetness, and sly humour without jokey or ironic irritants.
      • The guitar and bass gave the sound real mod attitude, while the backing vocals added as much soul as the keyboards offered depth and quality to the experience.
      • He chooses his roles, he says, based on the quality, depth and intelligence of the script.
      • The music here is rooted in this particular religion: this accounts for its warmth, depth and subtly uplifting quality.
      • But the emotional, sensual depth and quality of the film truly distinguishes it from the pack.
      • The magnitude and range of this early work was remarkable, as was its depth and quality.
      • The less tangible aspects such as trust and the quality and depth of relationships are almost impossible to measure.
      • If more of us could demonstrate the same depth of compassion and understanding, we would be better equipped to help those vulnerable to heroin's promise of a quick fix.
      • We always had a connection with intense depth to it.
      • And my favourite unsung big budget film is ‘Unbreakable’, which I love for its understated quality and the depth of its silences.
      • They are frivolous and shallow, lacking emotional depth and attracted only to the superficial.
      • But reading the book provides a greater depth of sympathetic understanding.
      • However, as dark films go, this one lacked the depth of despair and pathos usually achieved.
      • The big battles, astonishingly, feel flat and the whole movie lacks emotional depth.
      • He takes us on an emotional roller coaster, but does not explore much depth of feelings or insight.
      • The group wanted to meet managers to make clear the depth of their feelings.

    • 2.2(of knowledge, understanding)

      profundidad femenino
      her criticism displays depth of thought su crítica revela un razonamiento muy profundo
      • Mike should be congratulated on his detailed research, and depth of knowledge and compelling style of presentation.
      • It is a lively, thriving collection of diverse women whose depth of knowledge and experience never fails to amaze me, but who are kind and supportive and above all very practical.
      • Members of any profession require wide knowledge and depth of experience the relevance of some of which might not have been obvious at the time of learning.
      • I had first hand experience of the breadth and depth of his knowledge.
      • His professionalism, depth of knowledge, and kindness made him an inspiration to amateurs and professionals alike.
      • I have the chance to study it in great depth and to experience things in their original context as much as is possible in modern times.
      • Nevertheless, he persevered and is highly regarded for the breadth and depth of his literary knowledge.
      • And it represented a great spirit, energy and depth of collective knowledge.
      • These reviews were masterly not only in terms of style but depth of musical knowledge.
      • Even the most knowledgeable homeowner lacks the training and depth of knowledge that only a professional home inspector provides.
      • This depth of study, however, is beyond the scope of the present paper and will but be touched upon.
      • The depth of knowledge required to follow the implications and consequences of such broad and far reaching policies is intimidating.
      • It deserves full marks for its courage, depth of knowledge and research.
      • The passion and depth of knowledge is really quite staggering.
      • Critics have poked holes in her arguments, alleging that her renowned depth of knowledge is shockingly shallow.
      • The expertise of physicians and psychologists in their respective fields is not always matched by their depth of knowledge of ethics.
      • Questions were asked about the quantity and depth of repertoire studied.
      • It would also be a good time to pay tribute to him, for his insight, industry and great depth of knowledge.
      • They have been chosen for their depth of knowledge across a variety of musical genres.
      • The historical depth of this study enriches our understanding of a region undergoing religious transition.

    • 2.3

      (of voice) profundidad femenino
      (of sound) intensidad femenino

  • 3depths plural

    • 3.1(deepest part)

      in the depths of the ocean/forest en las profundidades del océano/la espesura del bosque
      • in the depths of winter/night en lo más crudo del invierno/lo más profundo de la noche

    • 3.2(of misery, depravity)

      even in the depths of despair … aún en lo más hondo de su desesperación …
      • he has sunk to such depths that … ha caído tan bajo que …