Translation of deranged in Spanish:


trastornado, adj.

Pronunciation /diˈreɪndʒd/ /dəˈreɪndʒd/ /dɪˈreɪn(d)ʒd/


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    she has a deranged notion that … le ha entrado en la cabeza la locura de que …
    • Bad karma is stalking me like a deranged fan.
    • The Sunday Washington Post's Book World section carries an incredibly sane review of a hilariously deranged book on obesity.
    • I probably looked like a deranged traveler obsessed with authority figures.
    • A deranged cat poisoner is suspected of spreading terror among pet lovers in Bridgwater, Somerset, in the west of England.
    • A deranged old lady with totally messed up hair walked around shouting at everybody else.
    • Police officials said that the youth appeared to be mentally deranged or spiritually overridden.
    • I keep trying to imagine how I'll bring it up to the doctor without a deranged look in my eye.
    • These are all written by the same potentially deranged person.
    • The death cult strikes again, unstoppable in its deranged religious mania.
    • This is to stick in your mouth to stop you from screaming like a deranged fan.
    • For some reason, that had me laughing in a deranged fashion for about ten minutes straight.
    • These are not the deranged ramblings of an alcoholic lolling at a bus-stop.
    • Her words, he said, were inaccurate, dishonest and verging on the deranged.
    • Imagine going home to your family and friends and being told you were deranged!
    • Of course we must protect our writers and cartoonists from deranged fundamentalists, but we are not faultless ourselves.
    • The actor playing the crazed counselor is so downright deranged in his performance you feel dirty watching him.
    • Sometimes you encounter leftist paranoia so utterly deranged, so shamelessly depraved, you don't know wether to laugh or cry.
    • For, demented as he is, he is sublimely unaware that he is deranged.
    • On the one hand, she paints a convincing portrait of Gribble as a deeply disturbed and increasingly deranged individual.
    • She was present when the deranged former boyfriend of one of her children attacked her family with two guns.