Translation of derecognize in Spanish:


retirar el reconocimiento de, v.

Pronunciation /diˈrɛkəɡnaɪz/ /diːˈrɛkəɡnʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    retirar el reconocimiento de
    • ‘We will not recognize or derecognize student organizations based upon their viewpoints,’ he told the Daily newspaper.
    • The council arrogantly believed ordinary staff would not respond to the strike call but they finally realised that we would not allow the council to derecognise our union.
    • That is because many recent recognition agreements were at companies that had previously derecognised the union, but where membership remained at relatively high levels.
    • The dispute centres on the council's attempts to derecognise our union and end facility time for our branch officers.
    • The council had tried to derecognise our union branch.
    • There is much talk across Liverpool that the council would like to derecognise the union.
    • Union members are worried that the company might try to derecognise the union.
    • Managers say they have not derecognised the union.
    • The union was derecognised a decade ago and we have seen our pay eroded over that time as most of us have had annual rises imposed that fell below inflation.
    • The company has derecognised the union by refusing to negotiate.
    • Management has tried to go on the offensive, suspending workers for refusing to carry out duties not in their job description and threatening to derecognise the union.
    • Management try to impose a back to work agreement which would rip up national agreements and in effect derecognise the union.
    • It tried to derecognise the union there in the 1980s, and only backed down after a strike vote.
    • Residency programmes are derecognised if they do not improve.
    • But the effects were felt right across the country, with union branches being derecognised.
    • They would also have made the union far weaker and effectively derecognised.
    • One insider said: ‘Having the occasional branch derecognised is something that happens now and again.’
    • Rules should be set for private colleges and those violating them, derecognised.