Traducción de descramble en español:


descodificar, v.

Pronunciación /diˈskræmbəl/ /diːˈskramb(ə)l/

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    • The operator would place descrambling information in the POD and give it to subscribers who buy set-tops.
    • The basis of conditional access technology rests on scrambling and descrambling the pictures on your screen.
    • This is a device that is also descrambling pay-per-view or premium channels.
    • A professor wants to study junk DNA sequences to see if they may be descrambled to contain communications from extraterrestrial intelligences.
    • Without that encoded signal, the box will not obey commands to descramble programming.
    • The U.S. Supreme Court has bowed out of a long-running dispute over a DVD descrambling utility, dealing a preliminary defeat to Hollywood studios and electronics makers…
    • A US jury this week convicted a man for selling illegal cable TV descrambling hardware.
    • When you received a message scrambled with your public key, you entered your private key into PGP and it descrambled the email or file.
    • They are merely PC Card form-factor devices that descramble premium cable content, precluding the need for set-top boxes, and plug into DCR TVs, set-top devices, and digital recorders.
    • However, you must shut down the digital TV application and start up a separate one for cable (and no, you can't get HD that way, because the device can't descramble the transmission).
    • In 2002, the Court of Appeals upheld a lower court ruling that barred a hacker magazine from posting or linking to a DVD descrambling program.
    • He was alleged to have broken the law by writing and publishing a DVD descrambling program so that he could watch films he owned on a Linux PC.
    • The programmer claims it can ‘descramble in excess of 21.5MBps ’.
    • The license gives set-top makers and vendors access to a signal-scrambling and descrambling system.
    • In addition, the machine is not capable of descrambling programming while supporting electronic program guides.