Traducción de description en español:


descripción, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/ /dɪˈskrɪpʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (of person, scene, event)
    descripción femenino
    I was able to identify the car from his description pude identificar el coche gracias a su descripción
    • I know nobody answering that description no conozco a nadie que responda a esa descripción
    • With five bedrooms, gymnasium and a Jacuzzi, it is certainly does not fit the description of the average croft.
    • Thereafter the description of events is dependent upon her account only.
    • Cassini wrote a detailed description of precisely how the longitude measurements were to be carried out.
    • When he began to write about cricket most reporters wrote spare, parched descriptions of the play.
    • Tabloid newspapers also favour emotive words over objective descriptions of events.
    • Don't read this book if you want a detailed description of any particular mission to space.
    • Write a brief description of the type of photographs that appear in each section.
    • Detailed job descriptions are provided to encourage teacher participation in the association.
    • Detailed descriptions are provided in the project report.
    • He said the victim was only able to give a brief description of her attacker.
    • Brief physical descriptions are, however, supplied where appropriate in the discussion of specific occurrences.
    • Additional information that is of value includes a brief description of the methods used to construct the library.
    • The vivid descriptions in the books helped him greatly.
    • The girls gave officers an apt description of the vehicle and the registration number.
    • If that plot description sounds a little confusing, have no fear.
    • But at times, it is important to intertwine poetic phrases and vivid descriptions.
    • "None of the members of staff fit the description given by the girls."
    • Each chapter is preceded by the author's description of why and how she decided to study volcanoes.
    • He added that police did not yet have a description of the attacker.
    • But they honored my decision to keep the man's description vague.
    • Research into health inequality now aims to move away from description and towards explanation.
    • Above all, the emphasis was placed firmly on explanation rather than description.
    • She is a master of exposition and description, with a ready ear for a telling anecdote.
    • Everyone exclaims about your great powers of description, how vivid and alive your writing is.
    • Despite its apparently narrow extent, knowledge by acquaintance is supposed to provide the foundation for knowledge by description.
  • 2

    descripción femenino
    powers of description talento para describir
    • her beauty was beyond description su belleza era indescriptible
    • the sensation defies description es una sensación difícil de describir
  • 3

    of every description de todo tipo
    • of all descriptions de todo tipo
    • we don't have anything of that description no tenemos nada de ese tipo / nada con esas características