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descriptivo, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈskrɪptɪv/ /dɪˈskrɪptɪv/

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    (passage/writing/powers) descriptivo
    (adjective) calificativo
    we need a descriptive name for the product necesitamos un nombre que sugiera las características del producto
    • This book is primarily a descriptive work, seeking to provide detail about a specific historical missionary activity.
    • I didn't find the plot particularly gripping, but the level of period detail in the book's descriptive passages was excellent.
    • The descriptive passages when she has tea with friends, or tends her garden, or shops for blouses to fit her ample bosom are a pleasure and add a completeness to the character.
    • One of the strengths of this book lies in the descriptive passages.
    • James, who has just returned to school as a Year 10 pupil, chose to write the descriptive passage as a homework task for English.
    • The tale is more realistic, the characters deeper and troubled and the descriptive passages delightful.
    • The prose is workmanlike but plain; the author makes no attempt to spice it up with colorful quotations, amusing anecdotes, or passages of descriptive writing.
    • Most interesting to readers of Environmental History will be long, descriptive passages on the natural environment.
    • His descriptive passages are often a rhapsodic rush to the edge of sentimentality, only undercut in the final moment by a shift in tone.
    • There were no flowery. descriptive passages: it was almost entirely a dialogue exchange between the girl and her brother.
    • With brief yet descriptive passages moving quickly from one scene to another, he conveys a sustained air of urgency.
    • This is a handbook, with many tables and lengthy descriptive passages.
    • Some of his descriptive passages are composed with great power and elegance.
    • The descriptive passages make the reader feel as if he or she is actually present.
    • A particularly concise and elegant passage of descriptive work comes from a fellow essayist.
    • The beautiful pictures and descriptive commentary showed what a fine country Zimbabwe is.
    • His descriptive letters painted a picture of life in Tasmania for readers back in England.
    • One has the sense of an actual, as opposed to a fictional, narrator forced to convey a plethora of background information about his characters, at the expense of descriptive detail and incident.
    • Indeed, the book is replete with descriptive detail.
    • The woodland is seen through poetry, descriptive text and a mosaic of pictures.
    • Freud recognized that the term ‘unconscious’ was better used as a descriptive adjective rather than as a topographical noun.
    • Sometimes the descriptive noun phrase has already been used in a previous clause, and to avoid repetition, the anaphor such is substituted.
    • ‘Vibrant’ is actually one of the rare descriptive adjectives which I have never turned into an adverb.
    • As the number of negative descriptive adjectives increased, so did the youths' self-reported involvement in delinquency.
    • As stated earlier, the present study utilizes a semantic differential scale which was comprised of six contrasting descriptive adjectives.