Translation of desecrate in Spanish:


profanar, v.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛsəˌkreɪt/ /ˈdɛsɪkreɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    (church/shrine) profanar
    the landscape has been desecrated by massive hotels enormes hoteles han profanado el paisaje
    • A multi-million dollar gold mine with an estimated yield of $1.2 billion threatens to desecrate a sacred site of the Wiradjuri people.
    • They've ruined our economy, apparently seized our oil and desecrated our sacred sites and our museums.
    • When someone breaks a circle or desecrates sacred space it is causing disharmony.
    • Even its cemetery was desecrated, its 400 graves dug up.
    • Yes, well that's to protect against intruders who want to desecrate this holy room.
    • Vandals have desecrated graves at a cemetery described as having some of the finest funerary art in the North of England.
    • But in relation to the new cemetery, I don't believe our youths would stoop so low as to desecrate the graves or vandalise the cemetery.
    • Then during the American Revolution, the British eliminated the meeting house's role as a public gathering place, desecrating the church by using it as a riding school.
    • Mindless vandals have desecrated the grave of a stillborn baby for the fourth time in less than five months.
    • If we buried our dead in the sand, the wild animals would desecrate their memory and dishonor their body.
    • A tombstone standing over a grave for over 100 years was desecrated and pieces of the headstone were scattered over the area.
    • Five months after a church was desecrated by vandals, defiant parishioners have rebuilt their place of worship.
    • Well, it's hurtful to us that someone would desecrate her grave.
    • About 20 headstones were desecrated at the Church cemetery between Monday, February 2, and Friday, February 6.
    • A distressed son is calling for greater security at a cemetery after three gravestones were desecrated by vandals.
    • A police spokesman said: ‘We are hoping that this offence will be detected and people will come forward with the name of the offender or offenders who have desecrated this grave.’
    • He was sickened when, just months later, vandals desecrated the memorial, built to commemorate villagers who fought in the First World War.
    • In April, over 40 graves were desecrated and headstone overturned.
    • A two-minute silence was held and each member of the congregation was invited to lay flowers on those graves desecrated by the yobs.
    • How dare you desecrate this holy ground with foolish intentions.