Translation of desegregate in Spanish:


eliminar la segregación racial de, v.

Pronunciation /diˈsɛɡrəˌɡeɪt/ /diːˈsɛɡrɪɡeɪt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    eliminar la segregación racial de
    • We must ensure that where desegregated schools exist, segregation within the school does not minimize interracial exposure.
    • They felt that African Americans, by going to desegregated schools would face segregation within those schools and suffer accordingly.
    • He was the first President to desegregate the U.S. Army, the military, and the first President to put forth the Civil Rights Act.
    • Federal courts had to force states to desegregate their school systems and improve brutal prison conditions, for example.
    • No suit could have the impact that desegregating a school district would produce.
    • Clearly the struggle for civil rights continues and desegregated schools are an important achievement that must be preserved, but school desegregation is not a panacea.
    • They desegregated a rural area where the people were poor farmers and they knew there would be no opposition.
    • Indeed, the 1955 instruction in the second judgment to desegregate the public schools with ‘all deliberate speed’ remains the classic example of non-compliance.
    • The protest forced the bus companies to desegregate the buses.
    • The Massachusetts legislature outlawed racial segregation in 1855, but the battle to desegregate schools remained a daunting one for Blacks in many parts of the country, particularly the South.
    • The court also stipulated that the districts could be released from court ordered desegregation if the students and faculty were desegregated and the district met other desegregation requirements.
    • The remedy for the situation was not to enhance segregated facilities, but to desegregate the facilities.
    • One of the last cities in the country to desegregate its elementary schools, today it is almost 40% black and Hispanic.
    • Thus, the Court sent the school desegregation cases back to the federal district courts with directions to desegregate the schools ‘with all deliberate speed.’
    • ‘Academic adjustments and reasonable modifications’ and the provision of ‘auxiliary aides and services’ are important tools for desegregating institutions and extending equal educational opportunity to the disability community.
    • For more than two decades, the branch has worked on desegregating the city's public school system to increase opportunities for minority students to attend suburban schools.
    • Over the last 25 to 30 years a number of traditionally male-only schools within the Caribbean have become desegregated by becoming coeducational.
    • In 1948, Harry Truman desegregated the American military.
    • Our California plants were desegregated in the 1940s.
    • But have we really desegregated ourselves along color lines as a society?

intransitive verb

  • 1

    dejar de practicar la segregación racial