Translation of desensitize in Spanish:


insensibilizar, v.

Pronunciation /diˈsɛnsəˌtaɪz/ /diːˈsɛnsɪtʌɪz/

transitive verb

  • 1

    to desensitize sb to sth insensibilizar a algn a algo
    hacer a algn insensible a algo
    • Capsaicin first activates the pain receptors, causing a mild burning sensation, but upon repeated application to the skin it desensitizes the receptors and relieves the pain.
    • Applying lidocaine cream to your forehead may relieve migraine pain by desensitizing the nerves that trigger it.
    • Achieving good flavor qualities in an ice cream presents specific challenges: low temperature desensitizes or dulls the taste buds, so a potent flavor is required.
    • Ice cold beverages desensitize the taste-buds and prevent the evaporation of the volatile components that contribute aroma.
    • The treatment works by desensitising the immune system so its reaction to a particular substance is reduced over time.
    • In some cases, an allergist may recommend immunotherapy (allergy shots) to help desensitize your child.
    • Allergy shots are used to desensitize you to certain allergies.
    • The goal is to desensitize you to specific allergens and decrease or eliminate your need for medications.
    • Topical application of agents including caries preventive agents, tooth desensitising agents, surface anaesthetic and plaque controlling agents.
    • If your symptoms are especially difficult to control, your doctor may recommend allergy shots to desensitize you to dust mites.
    • Once the cause of your allergy has been ascertained and a positive skin test obtained, then a specific vaccine can be created to desensitise you against the allergen that is triggering your symptoms.
    • The CAM practitioner injects extracts of suspected allergens under your skin with the goal of eventually desensitizing you to them.
    • With fewer receptors, the dopamine system is desensitized, and the now-understimulated addict needs more and more of the drug to feel anything at all.
    • The treatment works by desensitizing the animals' immune system to a protein residing within their blood vessels.
    • Confused by this, I rub along the sides of my mouth, desensitizing my over-active nerves.
    • Slapping the injection site accomplishes two things: it mildly desensitizes the area and it reduces the chance of the horse reacting to the prick of the needle.