Traducción de deserted en español:


desierto, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈzərdəd/ /dɪˈzəːtɪd/

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  • 1

    the place was deserted el lugar estaba desierto
    • the deserted streets las calles desiertas
    • Click here for a gallery of pictures of the deserted village at Slievemore.
    • We got off the bus to walk among the deserted business buildings of Burke.
    • The sick woman was then allowed to take possession of the deserted dwelling.
    • I paused in Westcliff to sit in a deserted shelter.
    • Two men wake to find themselves chained at opposite ends of a deserted washroom somewhere in the Industrial Zone.
    • He found the totem pole beside a deserted coastal village.
    • Tan participated in an exhibition Cai organized in Taiwan, presenting an installation in a deserted blockhouse by the sea.
    • Early on a June morning last year, four police officers drew up outside a warehouse on a deserted trading estate in Birmingham.
    • I ate a late lunch at a little deserted restaurant.
    • I think of sitting next to him on a deserted stretch of beach in California.
    • Stroll from the hotel, past a scattering of houses, to the deserted beach for an early-morning intake of the elements.
    • Scraping the ice off their cars, they travel along deserted roads, through the eerie, wintry stillness.
    • Behind the hall was a deserted graveyard overgrown with weeds.
    • City roads are presenting a deserted look during the afternoons.
    • A white trailer rolls onto the deserted main square of a quiet Midwestern town.
    • A young knight is riding through a deserted countryside, seeking shelter for the night.
    • Dirty black steps lead up to a deserted platform, blocked off somewhere behind a car repair yard.
    • The image of the deserted city glows briefly, then vanishes.
    • They follow him to a deserted spot where he leaves an envelope stuffed full of cash.
    • The man in this story finds an attractive woman on a deserted road.
  • 2

    (husband/wife) abandonado