Translation of desertion in Spanish:


deserción, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈzərʃ(ə)n/ /dɪˈzəːʃn/


  • 1

    Military deserción feminine
    Politics defección feminine
    • According to the CBS News programme 60 Minutes, there have been 5,500 desertions amongst US troops.
    • In 1921 King George V granted him a pardon on the desertion charge.
    • He just finished serving 30 days in jail for his 1965 desertion.
    • Congress first offered service pensions to officers in 1781, in order to prevent mass desertion.
    • There was not an instance of desertion in the battalion.
    • We confined our trapping to the late stages of incubation to minimize nest desertion due to trapping procedures.
    • Often the socio-economic implications arising out of desertions by the spouse is overlooked by society.
    • Paradoxically, the distrust is further fuelled by the desertion of an assistant counsel on the team last month.
    • His guilt about his desertion of the weaker boy was to provide the story of his television play Old Flames.
    • Any desertion on Edith's part is terminated by Robert agreeing to the separation.
    • The desertion of the small family farm constitutes the largest population movement in American history.
    • Novels of alienation and misery are common currency, tales of abuse, violence and desertion are run-of-the-mill stuff for British fiction.
    • The wife may ask for divorce based on impotence, non-support, and desertion or lengthy absence.
    • However, separation and desertion remain far more common.
    • When desertion was only suspected after two checks, further checks were conducted until the status of the nest became clear.
    • Spousal desertion automatically invokes this right.
    • High densities of argasid ticks have been linked to egg and seabird nestlings desertion and lower survival of Cattle Egrets.
    • Desertion was recognized if one or both parents were not seen at the nest for at least two consecutive nest checks.
    • They tell their own story of desertions, food rationing, shortage of ammunition and other difficulties.
    • Desertion, arson and poor or slow work were the most common ways of showing resistance by slaves.
    • Thus the idea of desertion runs through both the frame narrative and the inner story of "On Greenhow Hill."
    • Divorce can be obtained on the bases of adultery, intolerable behavior, desertion, and de facto separation.
    • She plans to crash the party and reveal that she is Godfrey's wife so that she can avenge Godfrey's desertion.
    • Does the past success of the brood influence the timing of mate desertion?
    • Ultimately, "want of confidence" turned into actual desertion.
  • 2

    (of family, place)
    abandono masculine
  • 3

    (of cause, principles)
    deserción feminine