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diseño, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈzaɪn/ /dɪˈzʌɪn/

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    • 1.1

      (of product, car, machine) diseño masculino
      (drawing) diseño masculino
      (drawing) boceto masculino
      the design of the course has many flaws el curso está muy mal estructurado / planeado
      • design department departamento de diseño
      • design engineer ingeniero en diseño
      • a design fault un defecto de diseño
      • design patent patente de diseño
      • it's still at the design stage todavía lo están diseñando
      • design studio estudio de diseño
      • design technology tecnología de diseño
      • I asked Lara whether crews had discovered problems during construction - poor building plans or designs or materials.
      • Not long time back building designs & drawings was a pain in the neck by the hand using the conventional pen and paper on a drafting table.
      • The location of the Quarter will depend on the developer's plans and designs and scale of buildings.
      • Planning officers said the design of the building was ‘bold and contemporary’ but did not detract from the area.
      • When looking at building plans in the design stage, program is usually what's on everyone's mind.
      • If the public inquiry, which began on Tuesday, approves the scheme, the firm will produce the final designs to allow building to begin.
      • Workmen have spent most of the autumn restoring this fine building to its original design.
      • Rather than rethinking our fundamental assumptions about organizational effectiveness, we have stayed preoccupied with charts and plans and designs.
      • The management and business plan will be submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund by January 31, along with restoration designs, plans, drawings and documents.
      • Hence, room designs and floor plans are becoming more flexible to fit the homeowner's mood.
      • They have the ability and the qualification to produce quality designs and buildings.
      • In the product development area, suppliers are sharing designs and drawings.
      • It says the building designs are ‘very mediocre’ and the materials foreign to York, collectively failing to reflect anything of the city's character.
      • All building regulation requirements are already secured for the designs and the building work and financial support is carried out by partners in the Procure 1 company.
      • Children will also have the opportunity to create their own Lego designs in the building area and can have a free photograph of their own special Lego creation to take home.
      • Awards are given to the best designs for outstanding new buildings, restoration projects, works of public art right through to landscape and urban design.
      • A flagship environmental centre has swept the boards in a prestigious contest to find the best building designs in Doncaster.
      • Several councillors objected to the designs of the buildings, despite the application being voted through.
      • New designs for the building are set to go on display by Christmas.
      • He said the design of the building, although it was contemporary, had many features which reflected a traditional type of development.

    • 1.2(pattern, decoration)

      diseño masculino
      motivo masculino
      dibujo masculino
      • Some crystal or fine glassware has a gilt design or edge on the rim of glass or as a decorative design or a patterned glass dish.
      • It featured exuberant decorative patterns, designs in the brickwork and wooden attachments.
      • It was used by my grandmother and her mother before her as a means of chalking decorative patterns and designs upon the slate hearthstone and doorstep.
      • Along the footpaths, young women whose faces were decorated with patterned designs of powdered bark, bore heavy trays of limes on their heads.
      • The pods are intricately lacquered with blue and white Indian designs.
      • Colors of amber were matched and sketches made for patterns so that mosaic designs would be accurately shaped.
      • And of course, stylised colour patterns and designs are used as marks and attractions of their own species for mating purposes.
      • Since it was still fairly early, she grabbed a blue nightgown with a pattern design of autumn leafs on it.
      • With cool patterns and intricate designs, these are sure to appeal to women folk at the very first sight.
      • This work is done in long and short darn stitch created into innumerable designs and patterns.
      • The inner face of the top band is olive/rust shot taffeta patterned with a floral design.
      • Bricklaying is one of the oldest handcrafts, it is the assembling of bricks, blocks and stone in various patterns and designs.
      • The traditional patterns are all geometric designs and have been passed down through time, generation to generation.
      • The youngsters are working together on silk printing, using designs and patterns from the hall.
      • His granddaughter related that ‘Peter made his own designs and patterns.’
      • Coming in light shades and with little designs, the garments had been designed for winter use.
      • And for those who take up the craft of drawing designs on glass, there is a range of over 60 shades of glass deco colours, available in India for the first time.
      • What's more, there are varying designs on the garments, like embroidered pitch-stitch flowers.
      • Each has its own design, some achieving incredibly delicate results on granite.

    • 1.3(product, model)

      modelo masculino
      • The design of the coin should be clear and precise with unevenness or blurring a sign of counterfeiting.
      • The policy and process for deciding on coin designs for our coins is based on the Mint's Policy on Coin Designs and Issue.
      • Little is known about Greek influences beyond what can be gathered from coins, although, like much of Roman art and politics, Roman coin designs were heavily influenced by Greek styles.
      • Ancient coin designs convey to us the events of yesteryear - opening a gateway into the past.
      • A visual feast of late Victorian stamp design and commercial printing can be found in the pages of this award winning exhibit.

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    • 2.1Arte

      diseño masculino
      to study design estudiar diseño
      • The result is that component design is rarely conceived of in such a way that lends itself to automated manufacturing.
      • The set and light design, which was conceived of even before the script was written, was being touted as the main focus of the piece.
      • Some plans are difficult to administer, but this is often a result of complex design chosen by the plan sponsor.
      • The course will focus on creative design for productive suburban food gardens, and on water saving techniques.
      • The students have shown what can be achieved through creative design and the latest in printing technology.
      • Skincare packaging, too, has accelerated into the 21st century in terms of design.
      • Others, such as the remnant of a ring of trees around the summit, may be signs of 18th century landscape design.
      • But… why then do the rest of the world not pay any attention to our creativity in industrial or product design.
      • If the landscaping of the country house was at the cutting edge of garden design in the eighteenth century, the urban park was its successor.
      • Then it is up to product and process design to come up with ways to turn those grand plans into profitable vehicles.
      • She teaches design and drawing in the Interior and Environmental Design departments.
      • The image is a bit dark yet that's a result of the actual production design and not the fault of the transfer itself.
      • Perhaps her best effort in creative design was her costumes.
      • So that's how I started, doing costumes and sets, and then art direction and production design.
      • In the past its excellence in design and creativity has been also been acknowledged by judges in the European Newspaper Awards.
      • Looking is the avenue to satisfaction to this film, since the set and production design are as flawless as in the first movie.
      • Her technique is said to make it easier to tweak circuit design during production.
      • We believe that in the field of creative design and display we have a team of winners.
      • We are trying to encourage many young people to see this as a worthwhile career which has prospects for moving into design and product development.
      • Most of the books I've read are on design and creative matters.

    • 2.2(style)

      estilo masculino
      líneas femenino

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    • 3.1 literario (plan)

      plan masculino
      by design deliberadamente
      • more by accident than design por casualidad más que porque se hubiera planeado
      • Neither its design nor its purpose has changed in that time.
      • The design behind these incidents was undoubtedly to give it a communal colour.
      • A second argument draws from the appearance of design in the universe the conclusion that there must be a Designer.
      • The three winners are different in scale, design and purpose, yet they are linked by their modernity.
      • These kosmoi are impermanent, and are not accounted for by purpose or design.

    • 3.2designs plural(intentions)

      propósitos masculino
      designios masculino literario

verbo transitivo

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    (house/garden) diseñar
    (house/garden) proyectar
    (dress/set/product) diseñar
    (course/program) planear
    (course/program) estructurar
    • The new website is designed to help students plan how they get to school or college.
    • This equips the researchers to design studies in vitro that will allow them to improve animal welfare and reduce variability.
    • Many brands and types of products are specifically designed to protect and restore your leather goods.
    • The law was originally designed to protect the merchant navy from financial ruin during wartime.
    • The programme is especially designed to help and support people diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.
    • For instance, a lesson in science is designed primarily to help students develop academic concepts.
    • They also in certain circumstances impose positive obligations to take measures designed to ensure that those rights are effectively protected.
    • The last budget contained measures designed to prevent future avoidance of capital gains tax.
    • Despite measures designed to prevent such a possibility, a mix-up occurred.
    • The latter programme was specially designed to assist voluntary groups in getting new projects established.
    • Handles, locks and hinges are specially designed to help defeat unauthorized attempts to open.
    • The centers were primarily designed to accommodate troops returning from overseas.
    • We review research on programs designed to promote family wellness and prevent the maltreatment of children.
    • Much like a chisel, or a dagger, tools designed for one purpose tend to follow a basic model.
    • Moreover, there have been numerous state and international initiatives designed to promote early childhood education.
    • The government has announced initiatives designed to give the impression of a huge expansion of pre-school education.
    • He said that any Government initiative designed to save lives was welcome.
    • And the masters and diploma courses are especially designed to fit into people's work commitments.
    • The organisation will fund pilot studies and develop and implement educational programs designed to promote innovative methodologies in health disparities research.
    • Stuart, amongst others, disputes the contention that patents " were originally designed to protect small investors".
    • So the building was deliberately designed to function both as a station and as a fort.
    • A competition will be launched to decide who will design the new buildings.
    • Of course buildings must be designed with consideration of how they will fit in.
    • He is best known for helping to design the House of Commons.
    • When we complete the interviews next week we will have selected a firm to work with the staff, students and faculty to design the building.
    • The new building would be designed with high security measures in a bid to discourage damage.
    • He sees architects today designing intelligent and space-efficient buildings.
    • Thomas also offers services such as designing, building, and hosting suppliers' Web sites.
    • How the steel twisted during failure may help architects design safer buildings in the future.
    • During his teaching tenure here, he also started designing, building and offering consultancy services.
    • The amount of engineering that goes into designing, building and testing a rocket is staggering.
    • The competition involved the pupils designing, building and programming a robot.
    • No one in the history of architecture had gone about designing a building in this way.
    • They are working on a real estate project, designing apartment buildings as well as the interior decoration.
    • At that point in his career, the young architect had no experience designing such large buildings.
    • Lists of buildings designed by fashionable architects can be applied to most tertiary campuses, both city and regional.
    • Although both buildings were originally designed to accommodate only offices they were being used as residences.
    • A system was therefore designed which creates commercial credit through the income tax code.
    • They were designed by the artist in the late 1920s and the early 1930s.
    • The surface area can be designed to customer specifications.
  • 2designed past participle

    • 2.1(created)

      a well-designed chair/machine una silla/máquina bien diseñada / de buen diseño
      • it's designed to fit into a briefcase está diseñado para que quepa en un maletín
      • the scheme was designed for small businesses el plan había sido concebido / estaba pensado para la pequeña empresa

    • 2.2(meant)

      the dinner was designed to coincide with your visit la cena estaba planeada para coincidir con su visita
      • a statement designed to reassure the public una declaración destinada a tranquilizar al público