Translation of desirable in Spanish:


atractivo, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈzaɪrəb(ə)l/ /dɪˈzʌɪərəb(ə)l/

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  • 1

    (property/location) atractivo
    desirable residence for sale se vende residencia de alto standing / de gran categoría
    • There is, today, a general recognition that price stability is highly desirable from an economic standpoint.
    • Other factors, such as the enhanced capital gains exemption and liability concerns, also make incorporation highly desirable.
    • An experimental verification of the predictions of the theory would be highly desirable.
    • You could still be a kept man and still be socially desirable, not be a villain.
    • And, as often happens, the satire was suppressed, making it more desirable.
    • Designed to bring out the most desirable traits of two apples, hybrids lend versatility to the apple world.
    • As a handgun owner, it's not the most desirable outcome we could have had.
    • Obviously, the removal of a dictator by the people themselves is probably the most desirable outcome in these situations.
    • Whatever happens, the least desirable outcome is for the people to show no emotion at all.
    • Accordingly, a large depth of field is a very desirable feature in binocular design.
    • Other desirable hybrid characteristics include good stalk strength and flexible ear size and number.
    • I have already mentioned why a white coat might have been a desirable characteristic.
    • Secondary operations raise cost and are not considered desirable to cost-effective pricing.
    • Consumers wanted to be subconsciously influenced in a manner they considered desirable.
    • Multicenter trials seem desirable for a rapid progress in this field of therapy.
    • From a theoretical point of view it seems desirable to handle these three model components simultaneously.
    • Medicinal herbs are still deemed desirable, but flowers are not mentioned.
    • A long half life would be desirable in order for it to be able to build up in all cells.
    • And carelessness is not a desirable attribute for an institution which is entrusted with children.
    • England is not mentioned specifically as a desirable destination in this specific passage.
  • 2

    (woman/man) atractivo
    (woman/man) deseable
    (woman/man) apetecible
    • Roman writers often accused women of wanting to employ a wet nurse only for the sake of maintaining a sexually desirable figure.
    • The film's most desirable character uses sex purely to manipulate people and her eyes seem more dead than enticing.
    • It features a model with a modest acting resume, and makes her the most desirable woman to have graced the screen in recent years.
    • There's a reason young women are desirable and old women aren't.
    • You are an ice-hockey star, you manage to get a ring on the finger of a most desirable woman - but you tell no-one about it.
    • I also did it to remind myself that I was desirable, that I could have any man if I wanted, that he wasn't the only man in my life.
    • He proved that, although he looks a little like a shy physics teacher, he is in fact a passionate and desirable man.
    • Meanwhile, the world's most desirable woman in tennis is struggling to improve her game.
    • Anyone could understand why the world's most desirable women would date wealthy men.
    • Nicole laughed every time they went out at his inability to grasp the fact that he was desirable to the opposite sex.
    • The most desirable woman, the most interesting book, neither can hold his attention.
    • You're a very desirable woman and I wouldn't be much of a man if I didn't try to make love to you.
    • In the 1950s a bosom was all-important, for as long as a woman had a bosom she was desirable.
    • I could appreciate she was somehow desirable, without really knowing why.
    • He did not want to hurt her, but he did not want her to think she was not desirable.
    • By contrast, Elin appears to be in the spatial centre as she is a popular and sexually desirable young woman.
    • All the hip hop and snide answers only make him even more childish and less sexually desirable.
    • The truth is many guys are doing all of the wrong things when it comes to becoming more sexually desirable to women.
    • Ninety-two percent of women said dependability is a desirable characteristic in an ideal mate.
    • Was that because you find me desirable and would do as I compelled?
  • 3

    (advisable, worthwhile)
    (outcome) deseable
    (outcome) conveniente
    (option) conveniente
    (option) aconsejable
    it is most desirable that you should attend sería muy conveniente que asistiese
    • teaching experience is desirable se valorará experiencia docente