Traducción de desist en español:


desistir, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈzɪst/ /dəˈsɪst/ /dɪˈzɪst/ /dɪˈsɪst/

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verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    to desist from sth/-ing desistir de algo/+ inf
    • So let's all put a stop to this tomfoolery and cease and desist from giving these Ministers pats on the back for their poor behavior.
    • All other followers are threatened or enticed to cease and desist.
    • These figures are the most valid argument yet that they should cease and desist and retire from the field immediately.
    • Sometimes, I just write to the person involved and ask them nicely to cease and desist.
    • The management warned the group to cease and desist from using this name.
    • He was warned to cease and desist, but now, he insisted that he had to perform that way!
    • He has no permission under the law to do so and I would advise him to cease and desist.
    • The dream of achieving such strategic parity is more powerful than any pressure to cease and desist.
    • She said the police officer ordered the two bickering women to cease and desist, but the women ignored him.
    • He had even confronted him with an ultimatum to cease and desist or find a new job.
    • Frankly, I hope that he desists from knocking on my door at seven in the morning with some trivial problem, but I am not over-optimistic.
    • One of the basic cellular courtesies is desisting from using the cell while driving.
    • Perhaps if those who reviled and insulted Said could have read this book, they might have desisted.
    • Perhaps if anyone caught dumping litter had a delivery from the refuse collection wagon instead of a collection, they might desist.
    • I do not think people would desist from lodging an employment appeal case if they did not think the organisation was taking them seriously.
    • Builders and developers should desist from destroying lakes and trees to make room for residential layouts.
    • However, he said he would desist from doing that now that motions to change the policy have been submitted to Congress.
    • He also ordered that they were to desist from causing obstruction to council workers or trespass on council offices.
    • Unruly patients will begin with an informal warning from a senior manager, but failure to desist will result in a yellow card being issued.
    • I am currently obtaining signatures on a petition to the Home Secretary, to ask him to desist from imprisoning pensioners.
  • 2

    to desist from sth/-ing abstenerse de algo/+ inf