Translation of desk diary in Spanish:

desk diary

agenda de escritorio, n.


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    agenda de escritorio feminine
    agenda de (sobre)mesa feminine
    agenda de despacho feminine
    • And here is a magnificent desk diary in black leather with gilt edging.
    • This beautifully produced desk diary features images from Vertigo's distinguished decade of producing cutting edge comics.
    • I did force myself to part with tax records from 1992 to 1994, though I couldn't resist keeping my desk diaries from those years, if only to make things easier for my biographers.
    • You need to set up bring forward systems and to use desk diaries which, if used in conjunction with a filing system, provide a foolproof method for storing information, chasing up work and as an aide-mémoire.
    • It is intended that, when the broadband service is introduced, a centralised computer booking system will be operational but until that time staff at all libraries will maintain a booking record using a desk diary.