Translation of despair in Spanish:


desesperación, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈspɛr/ /dɪˈspɛː/

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    desesperación feminine
    she was in despair estaba desesperada
    • the children drive me to despair los niños me vuelven loca / me sacan de quicio
    • Finally, never leave the examination hall in despair, however hopeless things may seem.
    • As if in pain, as if in despair, everyone felt the sadness and everyone felt fear as well.
    • He says every morning he begins his work with hope, and every evening he ends in despair.
    • The disruption caused to the hall, added to the cost of replacing the windows has left local people in despair.
    • He lived for another 23 years but many of those were spent in despair and disappointment.
    • They all had deep despair etched on their faces.
    • In her wake, the chaos of despair is overwhelming.
    • A feeling of total despair washes over me.
    • Admittedly, these flights each followed bouts of suicidal despair.
    • The thought brought me to deep despair and the future looked bleak indeed.
    • Their lack of determination is thought to be something like the despair felt by human sufferers of depression.
    • Darren caught the two of us looking over and shook her head in mock despair.
    • Her husband leaned on the doorframe and shook his head in mock despair.
    • All her efforts had been fruitless, but there was no despair on her face.
    • She also saw Hazel standing there, worry and despair on her face.
    • The despair in her eyes made her seem older than she actually was.
    • On the screen the girl turned, despair etched in the taut lines of her scream.
    • A wave of despair washed over him, taking away all of his heated frustration.
    • Hurt mixed with confusion and a hint of despair filled those eyes.
    • Jocelyn fought back tears; she could not stand to see such despair filling his eyes.

intransitive verb

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    perder las esperanzas
    to despair of sth/-ing
    to despair of sb
    don't despair no (te) desesperes
    • Others were simply despairing, sighing that it had lost its magic, that it had sold its soul to charter flights and overdevelopment.
    • He was far too young to die and I despaired that I was his only hope.
    • Some are hopeful, some are despairing and some are poignant.
    • And now, here we are, a couple of days from the next election and like most people I know, I'm despairing.
    • No one seemed angry, or happy, or despairing; you just sensed that this was what we had to do.
    • Your impossible task leaves you feeling frustrated, angry and despairing.
    • That delicious uncertainty has been replaced by despairing, hopeless inevitability.
    • Farmers in Gambia are despairing as a shortage of rain is causing new seedlings to wilt and die off.
    • Many doctors are despairing that this could be too long for some patients.
    • So we can remain stuck there, despairing and hopeless, or we can live into a different reality.
    • Where once she was smug and funny about her career and marriage, now she is feisty and despairing.
    • It means he has despaired of persuading anybody.
    • Always outgoing and generous, he sometimes despaired of the media.
    • Very often we were chased by an irate farmer, but we never despaired and always tried again, somewhere else.
    • Don't despair over one lost pup for there are many more.
    • Meanwhile I continue to despair for the future of this city.
    • I despair for the future of international cultural cooperation.
    • We despair for the future of the world.
    • The public is just going to give in to despair at their lack of options.
    • She despaired at the thought of finding the several thousand dollars per year to pay for fees.