Translation of despite in Spanish:


a pesar de, prep

Pronunciation /dəˈspaɪt/ /dɪˈspʌɪt/


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    a pesar de
    he kept working despite his illness ordespite being ill continuó trabajando a pesar de su enfermedad / a pesar de estar enfermo
    • He'd been turned away from the bar on suspicion of being under age despite being 28.
    • He is languid, conceited, a natural leader of men despite his subordinate rank.
    • Is someone providing these children with cigarettes and alcohol despite their age?
    • We are in a city ravaged by war where the menfolk rally round a new leader despite their misgivings.
    • A court was told that despite his age the boy admitted stealing cash to pay for his drug habit.
    • She had a short dark hair cut framing a face that remained impish despite her age.
    • Yet the hype shows little sign of abating, despite the slowdown affecting capital markets.
    • Douglas is a very affectionate cat now and despite his suffering still sees humans as his friends.
    • Yet despite it affecting so many, these women are often failed by the health service.
    • A great thinker and leader, you have a great deal of power despite being really poor.
    • Yet, despite the upheavals of the modern age, they bring the book to a close on an optimistic note.
    • However, despite these examinations a fracture in his foot allegedly went undetected.
    • Hence, very few workers will be affected by this decision, despite all the media publicity!
    • He's certainly going to try, despite the escalating violence that threatens to engulf him.
    • Well, I did go out on New Year's Eve after all, despite having a horrible headache.
    • I've never really been one for graphs and charts, despite being a bit of a maths geek.
    • We waited for more than half an hour to be seated despite having made a reservation far in advance.
    • I for one have been unable, despite many attempts, to see a dentist for nearly 3 years.
    • Somehow, any mention of this film passed me by, despite its critical acclaim.
    • Thanks to the deserted roads I was there in half an hour, despite a wrong turning somewhere along the way.