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destino, n.

Pronunciación /ˈdɛstɪni/

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nombreplural destinies

  • 1

    destino masculino
    sino masculino literario
    • The very destinies of future generations can be changed right here for eternity, I think.
    • The intricate events and various destinies interplay into a complicated story.
    • They would know that in future the destinies of all its citizens would be entirely in their own hands.
    • He thought the iron wire that controlled our destinies was temperament.
    • Could the message here be that God controls all of our destinies and no one religion is better than another religion?
    • It prolongs and intensifies the trauma already experienced by children who have little or no control over their destinies.
    • Suddenly, that began to give people some control over their own destinies.
    • First Nations must have the right to control their own destinies, he said.
    • Certainly the holder of that office, competent or otherwise, seems to control the destinies of us all.
    • Atropos is the name of one of the Fates, mythical beings who controlled the destinies of humans.
    • We may feel that we, as individuals, wish to be in more control of our own destinies.
    • Your destiny, and the destinies of those who will come after you, must be fulfilled.
    • Dare one hope that those in charge of our destinies after elections will appreciate the necessity?
    • The respondents took to themselves the complete control over the bodies and destinies of the rescuees.
    • We must seize control of our own economic destinies as far as possible.
    • The forces of nature take us from being able to control our own lives, our own destinies.
    • The plan after the dissolution was that all people would be entirely independent and in control of their own destinies.
    • My father and his buddies were those guys on the front lines trying to control their own destinies.
    • With international tensions relaxed, their destinies are uncertain and their loyalties up for grabs to the highest bidder.
    • A decade later the vision would be modified to reflect the glories of a bygone era, and the tragedies of interrupted lives and unfulfilled destinies.