Translation of destruction in Spanish:


destrucción, n.

Pronunciation /dəˈstrəkʃ(ə)n/ /dɪˈstrʌkʃ(ə)n/

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  • 1

    (act, process)
    • 1.1(of city, books, documents, forest)

      destrucción feminine
      • What cosmic, mystical reason could there be for such evil and ugliness and destruction to exist?
      • Aerial TV footage showed a tornado-carved path of destruction, with serious damage to dozens more homes.
      • The destruction of 4 of these would have caused a lot more long term damage and destruction to their country.
      • So they went around the house trying to use their wits to outdo each other to cause damage and destruction hitherto unseen.
      • There is no reverse gear there, and there's nobody in the future can come back and undo the damage and destruction.
      • Then again, the damage and destruction is what we're all afraid of in the first place right?
      • New technologies may also be developed to prevent destruction and damage to public sculptures.
      • Those already sold are to be recalled for repair, replacement or destruction.
      • The full scale of casualties, damage and destruction is still unclear, but I fear it won't be pretty.
      • Do you realise how much damage and destruction you are causing to other people's property?
      • The single mum-of-three never knows if she will wake up to yet more damage and destruction on her doorstep.
      • Similarly, it makes sense to insure your property against damage or destruction.
      • More than 40 shop windows were damaged after vandals went on a trail of destruction in Southchurch Road, Southend.
      • They left a trail of destruction in their wake and caused thousands of pounds of damage during the spate of burglaries of homes and shops.
      • This time, they left a trail of destruction, with windows smashed and doors damaged.
      • He said the damage and destruction in downtown Punta Gorda took his breath away.
      • The lessee is to be responsible for insuring the premises against damage or destruction by fire.
      • Damage and destruction of a protected plant is only illegal if it is intentional.
      • Militant anarchists intent on violence broke away from peaceful demonstrators and left a trail of destruction.
      • Therefore, we, collectively, are subsidizing the destruction of our own environment.

    • 1.2(of reputation, civilization)

      ruina feminine
      destrucción feminine

    • 1.3(slaughter)

      exterminación feminine
      • Now we know these acts of mass murder and destruction as genocide.
      • So they naturally carried big weapons designed for mass destruction.
      • Weapons of mass destruction aren't the issue, it's about global control.
      • Weapons of mass destruction were still nowhere to be found.
      • Weapons of mass destruction and chemical weapons had a lot of people worried.
      • Weapons of mass destruction are something that remain a focus of this operation.
      • Weapons of mass destruction are the only means by which they can hope to deter the United States.
      • Experts said that anthrax was a biological weapon capable of mass destruction.
      • The weapons were designed to cause massive destruction, killing millions.
      • They brought people to destruction, to be killed, to be annihilated, and the kapos were hated.
      • Rather it is the supporters of war who have to dehumanise and hate in order to justify wielding their mighty and murderous weapons of destruction.
      • Who'd have thought that our lives would bear witness to bioterrorism and mass destruction?
      • Opponents of the death penalty in no way condone McVeigh's crime of mass destruction.
      • This sudden destruction and damage to a people I feel so dearly for is a shock.
      • In his dream, he saw the Dark Lord's destruction at the hands of a Nyra.
      • The existing rules cited are designed to prevent the destruction of further embryos from which stem cells are extracted.
      • Sadly, society has become inured to the wholesale destruction of human embryos.
      • But none of this can ever justify the wanton destruction of innocent human lives by terror.
      • Last week we witnessed the wanton destruction of human life in Madrid.

  • 2 formal

    (cause of downfall)
    ruina feminine
    perdición feminine
    alcohol/gambling was his destruction el alcohol/juego fue su ruina / perdición
    • It was his destruction that he popularized his own philosophy.
    • They made her a goddess: that was her destruction.
    • Late nights and too much partying was my destruction.
  • 3

    destrucción feminine
    estragos masculine
    destrozos masculine