Translation of desultory in Spanish:


desganado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈdɛsəlˌtɔri/ /ˈdɛs(ə)lt(ə)ri/ /ˈdɛz(ə)lt(ə)ri/


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    (effort/attempt) desganado
    in a desultory fashion sin entusiasmo
    • Some putter along in a slightly languid and desultory fashion.
    • The rather desultory attempts to bring ‘democracy’ to post-Taliban Afghanistan speak volumes.
    • Every ten to fifteen years, the earth wobbles in a desultory fashion somewhere in these islands and a roof slate or two drops off.
    • Over the years, there have been some desultory attempts to turn Fungus into a film.
    • In parts of Africa, especially the most remote rural areas, colonial rule had only a minimal direct economic effect, except for sometimes rather desultory attempts to impose taxes on people who had not previously used money.
    • Almost every time I shop for groceries, I throw something into the cart in a desultory fashion in homage to Mary Tyler Moore, who does this in the opening credits.
    • In the mid 1990s desultory attempts were being made to revive this last variety, in the belief that it will add aromatic interest when blended with the Barbera grape.
    • Slave patrols, rather than being desultory or inadequate, turn out to be one of the chief ways that the southern states enforced their peculiar institution.
    • Hitler's immense popularity and respect in the country gave him ultimate authority but he exercised it only in a desultory and general way - leaving most decisions and all administration to his subordinates.
    • The salad may have been a bit desultory and almost Parmesan-less, but the beautifully moist carpaccio of (as it turned out, virtually chilli-less) beef more than made up for it.
    • Before the workers entered the heritage conservation scene, there had been only desultory efforts at saving historical architecture and the urban environment in Australia.
    • The stroll looks innocuously aimless enough, random conversation and desultory gaits all firmly in place.
    • Her recent mysterious suicide is the talk of Wisteria Lane, the upper-class street that's home to a clique of attractive, desultory wives and mothers whose secrets are far juicier than average.
    • These prompt Abe to think about his own identity, his long-ignored Jewish heritage and even vague ideas of Christian conversion - possibilities he explores in a desultory way.
    • I draft posted the entry with the intention of sprucing it up and making it cogent, but reading through it, I think the desultory, fragmented nature of the post reflects my rather uninterested attitude when watching this actual video.
    • His perception was that the desultory and undisciplined Chinese people did not deserve a democratic system.
    • After moving to California for my second postdoc, and making a desultory appraisal of the ice-cream situation, I was moved to buy my own ice-cream maker and churn out the burnt caramel myself.
    • After a few desultory job interviews, she discussed the idea with her husband and established an office in the spare bedroom, with an old wallpaper pasting table for a desk and banana boxes as filing cabinets.
    • And some desultory clicking around Microsoft Office didn't see the power consumption get much above one watt.
    • So much for my thought that the Justice Department would mount a desultory investigation and then give up.
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    (approach) poco sistemático
    (approach) poco metódico