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distante, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈtætʃt/ /dɪˈtatʃt/

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    (person/manner) (aloof) distante
    (person/manner) (aloof) indiferente
    (person/manner) (objective) objetivo
    (person/manner) (objective) imparcial
    • But doesn't the combination of an Oxford academic workload and a Blue Boat training regime leave him socially detached from anyone outside the tiny rowing bubble?
    • He tried to concentrate on the opening words of all parties involved, but the sounds seemed to come from a distance and he felt as though he were somewhat detached from it all.
    • All these practices flout psychology's belief that researchers must remain detached from their research in order to preserve their objectivity.
    • I was supposed to be indifferent, nonchalant and completely detached from him.
    • I was a little bit - you know, detached from everything.
    • At the film's opening, Sullivan seems entirely detached from his son and the tenderness that he instantly develops once disaster strikes seems to come from thin blue air.
    • Although I FEEL rather detached in most aspect in my life right now, my mind has been frantically active and many thoughts are racing inside my brain.
    • It's all sophisticated, detached and sometimes rather eerie.
    • I was amazed at how detached I was from the whole scene.
    • My findings turned out to be less positive than I expected, and it's an indicator of how much more detached I feel from my job these days than I used to that this doesn't bother me unduly.
    • "For the first 24 hours I was emotionally detached from everything going on.
    • Individual scientists are not emotionally detached from their research.
    • If you're able to stay emotionally detached from your investments, this can be a good strategy to follow.
    • He'd just do his best to be as detached as possible.
    • Nirvana never sounded as detached as the Pixies, or as fluid, or as fun.
    • She smiled at him briefly and said hello, trying to sound as detached as possible.
    • It is therefore easier to accept a certain amount of ‘collateral damage’ if we are emotionally detached from the lives of those involved.
    • Necessarily, he was a little bit more detached.
    • As he stood there, Jim felt oddly detached.
    • Did you find it hard to remain emotionally detached?
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