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detalle, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈteɪl/ /ˈditeɪl/ /ˈdiːteɪl/

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    • 1.1(particular)

      detalle masculino
      pormenor masculino
      identical in every detail idéntico hasta en el más mínimo detalle
      • he asked for further details pidió más información / información más detallada
      • Detectives established addresses and other details and passed the information to British authorities.
      • Several have been swiped recently by crooks hoping to glean banking details and personal information.
      • Some of the papers contained highly sensitive details of informers and information supplied to Special Branch.
      • Visitors were asked to hand over credit card details and personal information.
      • Benefit claimants would also use the card, which could contain health records, fingerprint information and bank details.
      • Under the new scheme, people will only have to notify the Met of the keyholder details and the information will be collated in one place.
      • While they would prefer if callers leave their names and contact details, information can be left anonymously.
      • The fraudsters then pasted a notice to induce victims to divulge their bank information details.
      • The directory gives contact details and various information, including where and when they train.
      • You can find Ken's web site with all the details and contact information here.
      • Include basic details like contact information, band members, name of song and the name of the album it comes from.
      • Controlling availability of personal details of sources/informants is also important.
      • One final tip: don't throw away anything that contains any personal information, especially financial details.
      • The site is also verisign approved, which means that clients personal information and credit card details are secure.
      • This information matched account details recovered during a search of a flat in Holland where a man was arrested.
      • Van Straaten said all the Nedcor clients who had phoned him wanted to know whether he had any information about their banking details.
      • The first was basic core information such as contact details and information on the legal areas practiced by the solicitor.
      • Create a notebook to capture all the important household and family informational details.
      • Those interested can glean a bit more information and contact details from their project page at Garage Games.
      • For more resources and useful contact details see the Further Information: 21+ page.

    • 1.2(embellishment)

      detalle masculino
      • But Gluck says his favorite feature is the decorative detail along the top rim of the building.
      • Georgian homes are similar to Colonials, but feature richer details and ornamentation.
      • The work featured medium shapes, smaller shapes and finally, decorative details.
      • Refined decorative details were concentrated in the entrance and the eaves of the building with rows of geometric shapes.
      • Decorative details include laminate flooring and strategically placed glass bricks to allow the flow of light through the home.
      • One excuse for not reviewing the important details of a new building is being dazzled by the architect.
      • He is proudly showing off some favourite details in the building he helped design.
      • Mosaic panels can be used as a decorative detail within a large area of standard tiles and aluminium tiles are also an option.
      • But, questions are being asked on whether the renovation works were in keeping with the architectural detail of the heritage building.
      • Here the many details, such as decorative turns, came across with meaning and heartfelt expression.
      • A shared vocabulary of high-tech construction details links the buildings visually.
      • In almost every case the building's excellent original details have been retained and enhanced.
      • It's a culture known for its richly ornate details in its decorative arts.
      • Actions of current rifles are similar to those of the LSA models with just a few minor design details.
      • I did not bother to look at the beautiful details and decoration, I was so angry and on the verge of tears.
      • The eaves and soffit detail shown on the latest plan appears to be fairly heavy in its visual impact and I would ask you to give this more consideration.
      • Mr. Roney took this to be a typical floor detail at the east and west walls.
      • The bride wore a duchess satin gown - by Christiana Cature - with a detached train and bow detail, and a two-tier veil.
      • They're easy to slip on thanks to the super - tough Velcro fastening system which adds a hint of detail and stunningly chic style to the otherwise mediocre design.
      • A sense of modernism's refined treatment of detail is garnered in the handling of the existing staircases, now glass encased and extruded from the main body of the building.
      • Melville House was Fife's first mansion styled symmetrically with classical detail.
      • Its monumental scale, classical detail and rational, ordered planning were hallmarks of the style.
      • On the other hand, the depth and detail of the featurettes would complement a minor masterpiece.
      • The sparingly used stone classical detail gives distinction to a relatively low-cost brick shell.
      • While the set design has some unrealistic elements to it, the costumes for A Month in the Country feature plenty of period detail.
      • Exposed stone is a strong feature of the interior, and no fewer than three walls of the living room are stone, with decorative brick detail around the doors and windows.
      • Her meticulous attention to detail means she also spends considerable time researching pieces before she begins the restoration and she is currently studying the tapestry detail on the seats.
      • The house was one of those imposing two-storey detached properties with brick detail, and I shared the place with five or six other fellas.
      • Firstly, there are some matters of design detail which were never displayed.
      • While poster art continued to prosper, the ornate details of Art Nouveau vanished.
      • No modern replica would have the intricate 1930s art deco details which can be clearly seen from close up.

    • 1.3(insignificant matter)

      minucia femenino
      detalle (sin importancia) masculino
      • Not only are the small details now significantly more vivid, but the overall levels have been adjusted as well.
      • Evidently about what it is to that reporter's editor - a detail too minor to warrant correction.
      • In a piece written for the New York Review of Books, James Fenton pulls Bizot up for a couple of factual mistakes, but these seem to me to be minor details.
      • FitzGerald came across as somebody who frets at minor details.
      • The details of the process, which I have got right in essentials but wrong in some fairly minor details, are here.
      • All those are minor details, when it comes down to the question of where this country should be going, in the big picture.
      • The statesmen who run our fair country can't afford to worry about minor details like that.
      • Step two: wait a year or two and repeat step one, changing the stars and some minor plot details and call it a sequel.
      • I had got to a point where I hadn't learned anything new for ages and I was getting overly upset by minor household details.
      • But such minor details do not stop anyone with an agenda from plucking figures out of thin air and claiming they prove a point.
      • These are some minor details Mr. Langer must have forgotten in his interview.
      • Some minor details have yet to be completed, i.e. heating, phone lines and furnishings.
      • We'd all aged a bit, with changes in hairstyles and clothes and a few other minor details.
      • I think we are all slowly winding down into holiday mode and worrying less and less about the minor details.
      • He seemed eager to run out the clock as he filled time with digressions and minor details.
      • That way, nobody ever invites me to drone on endlessly about minor details of the Red Centre.
      • There is no point in worrying about these minor details at such important times.
      • I disagree with some of the minor details here and there, but yes we do need reform.
      • Just a minor detail: it means I have to keep writing letters to parents implying that I'm there to meet their every need when actually I'm out of there on Jan 30th.
      • This may seem like a minor detail, until you realize the gaffe.

    • 1.4Arte

      detalle masculino
      • Community art initiatives in South Africa tend to always follow the cliché of painting murals or producing mosaic details.
      • Update I'm adding larger images of details of the pictures.
      • The catalog entries on icons are richly illustrated, including details of the larger panels.
      • We see that the invitation images are details of works that play unnervingly with space.
      • The tondo of the collage is a photograph, but only apparently a photograph of a detail from Delvaux's Aurore.
      • This photo is a detail from a stained glass window painted by Chagall.
      • I took snapshots of individual works and of details and became madly obsessed with the paintings.
      • Figure 11.2 expands the detail to illustrate the significance of the overlaps.

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    detalles masculino
  • 3

    • 3.1(group)

      destacamento masculino
      cuadrilla femenino
      • In that same year, he joined the Army MI Branch with a detail to the Infantry.
      • He was hurriedly escorted from the area by his security detail and Israeli police.
      • Troops should eat, play, train and even pull support details as squads, platoons and companies.
      • She was very composed while he thanked the flight crew and the security detail.
      • After an enemy work detail enters the tunnel, the patrol blows up the entrance.
      • Other predominantly male camps, such as Buchenwald, included female labour details employed on munitions work.
      • At gunnery, they are gate guards and amino detail.
      • He had assigned an enormous security detail to guard the Queen but he still wanted to watch her himself.
      • Then two Hummers pulled up and discharged the no-nonsense secret service detail.
      • Hank Grotowski is a corrections officer heading the death row detail of a southern U.S. penitentiary.
      • The tubby, middle-aged sergeant in charge of the gate detail scarcely bothered to look up at their approach.
      • At the main table the rest of the Bright Eyes sat with the bridge crew, mechanics and technicians, and the small security detail assigned to the ship.
      • That, he says, as his special branch detail outpace the Big Banana battlebus through Corstorphine traffic, could be a good sign.
      • On Friday the State Department confirmed the use of a private security detail managed by officers of its Diplomatic Security Service.
      • After proceeding outside, team advanced upon Moloctan guard detail on duty around shuttle craft.

    • 3.2(duty)

      to be on cleanup/latrine detail estar en la cuadrilla de aseo/letrinas
      • They are the rights and duties of daily duty detail, inspection commissions, etc.
      • I'm not going to stick you on dish detail or cleaning toilets.
      • Some troops are on cleanup detail in parts of New Orleans the flood never touched.
      • In the wake of this, I wonder who he is going to give toilet detail to.
      • Gould recently completed a 3-year detail to the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation Live Fire Office.
      • He took stock of the small contingent assigned the unpleasant task of burial detail.
      • In addition to that commitment, medics worked with civil ambulance on first aid tasks along with a range of other personnel working on rear detail support functions.
      • Mr. Naess testified that his specific assignment in the work detail was ‘clean up’.
      • The quantitative correlation of special-purpose details in alert crews also changed.

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    (plan/similarities) exponer en detalle
    (plan/similarities) detallar
    • The files hold thousands of papers which detail information such as full names, National Insurance numbers, salaries, family contact details and job descriptions.
    • The needs of the school are vast and due to space restraints this reporter could not detail the full list of over-crowding issues.
    • This report is intended to detail the preliminary fieldwork information found during the excavation of Agaparthea.
    • Ian Finnigan, operations team leader for the region, said the agency will be producing a full report detailing how areas were affected.
    • The report also details a lengthy catalogue of human rights infringements and cultural destruction associated with the dam.
    • The report goes on to detail a list of differences between the way the city and Enmax operate.
    • And what specifically was detailed in that October report that Major O'Kane saw?
    • This treasure trove of information details the daring deeds and derring-do of a galaxy of Headingley Stadium stars.
    • Participants recognised pioneer aviator Sir Norman Brearley with the unveiling of a plaque detailing information about Sir Brearley and the country's first airline service.
    • The leaflet was produced in support of the Irish beef industry in light of BSE and provides factual information detailing beef production controls along with three new beef recipes.
    • Residents on Canvey have backed plans to spend ‘civic pride’ cash on a information board detailing the island's history.
    • More than 2,000 information packs detailing the sort of help available to businesses have been issued by Ryedale District Council.
    • She tried and failed to make sense of the screens detailing flight information and missed an announcement on the public address system calling her to the gate.
    • The report obviously came from high ranking deserters because in addition to troop strengths it detailed the individual personalities of the top leaders.
    • Researching the poster campaign I discovered a number of internet web-logs detailing other people's outraged responses.
    • The accounts of other socialist women are detailed at the Women and Marxism website.
    • It's a story he's detailed in a new book called ‘Memoirs of a Mug Punter’.
    • In comedic fashion, the dos and don'ts of winning and keeping a man are detailed to assist the hapless female in finding Mr. Right.
    • The painful conditions in the Achilles tendon region of these 21 badminton players are detailed in Table 3.
    • I pleaded with them to help us get a program made detailing the male victims point of view.
  • 2

    to detail sb to + inf destacar a algn a / para + inf
    to detail sb for/to sth
    • The regimental commander could detail additional soldiers if necessary.
    • That part of his evidence can never go because otherwise there is no explanation for why he detailed this person.
    • Another method of capturing data that has been used successfully in the past is to detail a Soldier to go around with a tabbed folder to unit members.
    • The British tried to effect an improvement by detailing liaison officers, but these officers found themselves practically helpless.
    • Soldiers are detailed for duties concerned with the maintenance of discipline and upholding the laws of war.
    • The Metropolitan Police were so concerned, two Special Branch officers were detailed to accompany Galloway to a debate on US foreign policy at Cambridge on Thursday.
    • He testified that as a police officer, he was detailed to maintain law and order at Chisokone Polling Station.
    • In times of war and the threat of raiding parties, men are detailed to act as lookouts from the tower.
    • On the arrival in the Sheremetyevo airport, the man was detailed by the local police.
    • The army, public services and Local Authority staff were detailed to assist in organising harvesting operations and in providing transport and food for volunteers.
    • They had also tracked down the poor horse, detailing someone to ride it back to the police station.
    • Two of the guards were detailed to shoot the shark as it was being brought up to the deck.
    • O.K., France has detailed one officer to help train the Iraqi police.
    • While he was there, he and other prisoners were detailed to build a monument to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the 1943 rebellion on Rab.
    • A quote from a German soldier speaks of how six men were detailed to each execution - three to target the head, the others the heart.
    • Aware that I was detailed to serve as orderly at the Supreme Court, I prepared my tunic the night before, so that the following morning I was only required to slip into it and appear at my post on time.
    • I also did ‘psychic surgery’ one day at a station I was detailed to.
    • I was detailed to be ‘a breeding unit’ and I was not therefore able to control how I managed the children coming into my family.
    • My team was detailed to recover the Americans from the site.
    • He is detailed to work with his father who lives 4 miles below Jacksonville.