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factor determinante, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈtərmənənt/ /dɪˈtəːmɪnənt/

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  • 1 formal

    (deciding factor)
    factor determinante masculino
    • The categories were selected as indicators, risk factors or relevant environmental determinants affecting fitness, obesity and health.
    • Though a number of factors may influence the course of disease progression, a balance between the host factors and the virus factors are major determinants of the outcome of HIV infection.
    • So it could be argued that bottom line financial considerations were the main determinant of the four times a day musters and headcounts held in Villawood detention centre.
    • In a study based on company data, Steve Fazzari found that the main determinant for investment decisions was expected sales rather than the interest rate.
    • It is against this background that the present study examines the nature and determinants of Palestinian attitudes toward democracy.
    • We do have clear evidence that a teacher's expectation of a student's potential achievement is a crucial determinant of learning outcomes.
    • In contrast, ‘reform’ as a determinant of the electoral outcome has been largely diffused.
    • Research shows consistently that childcare workers are the crucial determinant in delivering quality outcomes for children.
    • One of the most important determinants affecting exercise adherence is the environmental factor of perceived availability of time.
    • A whole gamut of policies, affecting the three crucial determinants of state level growth, have been considered.
    • Psychological and behavioural responses to pain and social factors are the main determinants of chronic pain disability.
    • Ask a woman, and she will speak of social factors that are the main determinants that steer women to make choices that are not really free choices.
    • It doesn't really matter if the IQ is the main determinant of earnings, or economic growth, or anything else.
    • The most common approach to measuring cumulative effects across domains or over time is to use past events and outcomes as determinants of current outcomes.
    • These low levels of wages are not merely explainable by the level of education and productivity of the workers; the structures of underdevelopment are perhaps the main determinants.
    • Ultimately, the main determinants of our grog and drug problem are the passive welfare paradigm that has taken hold of our society and the liberal drug ideology in Australian society at large.
    • For nearly six years the mighty dollar was entirely insulated from trade data, one of the main determinants of currency market movements in conventional economic theory.
    • New Delhi and Islamabad will have to forget the bitter past, which is the main determinant of their perceptual distortions for a better and prosperous future.
    • But this all happened because trade must follow its course and in recent times trade relationship is the main determinant of foreign relations.
    • The site of drug localization appears to be a more important determinant than other factors: absorbance and steady-state accumulation.
  • 2

    determinante masculino
    • If you know the concept of the determinant of a square matrix, you may calculate the determinants of the 3x3 and 4x4 Liki-matrices.
    • What Yang's method essentially reduces to is finding the determinant of the matrix of coefficients of the system of equations.
    • It is not surprising that the beginnings of matrices and determinants should arise through the study of systems of linear equations.
    • If one starts by defining the determinant for a triangular matrix and specifying the effect of the basic row operations on the determinant, one can obtain all of these results within a single section.
    • Ten years later Leibniz, independently, used determinants to solve simultaneous equations although Seki's version was the more general.