Translation of determination in Spanish:


determinación, n.

Pronunciation /dəˌtərməˈneɪʃ(ə)n/ /dɪˌtəːmɪˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


  • 1

    determinación feminine
    resolución feminine
    with an air of determination con aire resuelto / decidido
    • His leadership qualities and determination to challenge capitalism earned him lasting respect from all who knew him, particularly in his role as union steward and factory convenor.
    • They haven't been particularly good, but there has been a robustness and determination to them; qualities lacking earlier in the season.
    • His determination to improve the quality of colonial workmanship and to impose a businesslike system of payments incurred many enemies.
    • The king's undeniable ruthlessness can be seen either as needless brutality, or as necessitous firmness in his utter determination to achieve total victory.
    • There is also something admirable about the slow pace of change in the U.S. quality media and their determination to hang onto the tried and tested formulas.
    • So could she ever go back to just enjoying sailing without the goal-setting, ambitious drive and determination to set records and win races?
    • There is no drive, commitment or determination to do anything worthwhile on the pitch.
    • Turkey, perhaps, deserved the victory more by showing more purpose and determination to get forward than their African opponents.
    • His unflinching determination to take the time he needed to reach a considered decision marked him out as an unusual talent and in the process he upgraded the standing of referees within the game.
    • He has the grit and determination to drive the atomic research centre towards its stated goal.
    • Her trainers believe that she has the ability, commitment and determination to realise her Olympic dream but she will need a little financial help to get there.
    • And the union's determination to push its social agenda into schools is driving significant numbers of parents to withdraw their children from public schools.
    • Since he was elected president of the Russian Federation, he has often publicly assured journalists of his determination to respect their independence.
    • The chance was there and I had a go and, although it didn't work out, I've got the grit and determination to succeed.
    • This is an amazing school, defying its size through sheer determination to make the most of school life, through sporting activities, projects and school tours.
    • I would not be here today if it had not been for their sheer determination to find me.
    • Sometimes we make our achievements possible not by brilliance or talent but by the sheer, dogged determination that leads us to get up each day and try again.
    • She described the book as ‘a fine history of stern stuff, independence - of sheer determination to survive’.
    • The boys can however, be proud of their display and they showed great grit and determination to make a contest of it against much more physical and stronger opponents.
    • Reform of the banking sector becomes an acid test of this government's determination to change public perception of its competence and its commitment to competition.
  • 2formal

    determinación feminine
    • Explanation is substituted for deduction, prediction, solution, determination and calculation as the objectives of science.
    • To date, this has hindered determination of the molecular structure of the pigments.
    • However, proteins sharing the same fold can have different functions, and structure determination and analysis will not always mean that function can be derived.
    • They suggested the government give financial support to local investors in the service sector and oversee service price determination by local and foreign operators.
    • For he explained the process of wage determination in full, whereas the later version was simply a theory of the demand for labour.
    • There is no acceptance of the place of performance assessment within career structures for teachers and in the accepted processes for the determination of rewards.
    • The key is that their development should be a matter for local determination.
    • Other methods of molecular weight determination include gel permeation chromatography, end-group analysis, and osmometry.
    • It is therefore fair to say that, as a consequence of the integration process, trade union behaviour in the wage determination process has become interrelated across member states.
    • It is founded on a misconception of the role of consumption rather than production in the income determination process.
    • This makes determination of the local protein concentration difficult.
    • Among the important results of their study is the role played by education in the wage determination process.
    • This grouping was done to establish the final cohorts that would permit comparison and allow determination of the utilization of order sets.
    • The second part of the evaluation process is the determination of healthfulness of the products one is forced to eat when meat, etc. products are eliminated.
    • The tariffs are subject to final determination next month.
    • These calculations lead to the determination of the product's value-based price, which in the figure is just above $200.
    • This fundamental research work enables the determination of biological endpoints, which can be used to set up in vitro tests.
    • Further data processing (calibration, determination of peak area, averaging, etc.) is done by computer.
    • Postpartum interval was calculated by the determination of plasma progesterone concentrations.
    • Histopathologic verification of malignancy remains essential for a firm diagnosis and determination of appropriate therapy.